World of Mazes: Fun Game World and Quirky Characters

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World of Mazes is the type of game that you will like quite a lot. It always pushes the boundaries and brings in front some cool moments and experiences for you to enjoy. The benefit that comes from this game is that it’s very fun, intense and it always pushes the boundaries when it comes to delivering a good story.

As the name states, the entire world is full of mazes. It has a whole lot of different mazes full of traps as well as puzzles that you have to work on in order to move onward. It gets more and more challenging as you expand through the story and reach the conclusion. The problem for a lot of people is that there’s no guarantee your character can get out of the maze. There’s no real map here, so you just have to go off the top of your head and hope for the best. That type of approach is what really makes the game so good in the first place, and you will enjoy it quite a lot in that situation.


Types of mazes

The game has a huge variety of mazes here. The Aztyle maze is maybe the smallest maze in there. It’s the starting point in our story and it’s a pretty simple maze here. The Grezorth maze is mysterious and scary. You have a lot of ghosts and lava creatures. The maze does have a few residents too, and you will find that as you explore the game.

Every detail matters in the game, and even these mazes are not created by accident. You really have to study everything you encounter because it might be meaningful for the entire story. It’s all these little things that you will enjoy and explore, and in the end it’s certainly going to be one magnificent experience if you give it a shot to begin with.

The attention to detail and quality you get from this is pretty intense and that’s one of the nicest things in the game. It always strives to give you a great opportunity and you will not have a problem with the entire process. Rest assured it will be worth it to see the characters in action as you also explore a detailed and fun world.



First you have Gelayon, who is your friend and companion as you try to get out of the place and finally save the princess. Then there’s Ayla, which is one of the fairies in here. She’s a merchant and she can definitely help you get some of the better stuff in the game as you try to expand and explore.,

Procket is a very interesting creature because he is a rock prophet that knows the prophecy and he always gives you a good idea of what you need to do and how you can expand or explore all these little things in the game.

Then there’s Engilava, a lava engineer that can help you a lot. He is not a human, but he does have a great analytical mind, outstanding problem-solving capabilities and he is definitely a hard worker too. That definitely helps immensely, and you should consider giving him a shot due to that reason alone.

Some of the other characters include the lava minion, lavasaurus, and so on. You always encounter something new and fun, and that’s one of the core ideas of the game. Characters matter quite a bit in the entire story.

The gameplay is intuitive and smooth, and it perfectly boosts the storyline by adding in some new twists and ideas. World of Mazes always strives to bring in front some good and rewarding elements, and you will like it a lot in that perspective. The narratives are great and they are full of humor. This is not a sad story, instead it’s a story where you try to save a princess while also meeting some funny characters along the way. And you will want to learn more and more about these cool characters too, which is always fun.

There are lots of unique items to use and you can also gather items as you explore the levels. Maybe the best thing about World of Mazes is that it has puzzles that are unique to the VR world. That brings in a better sense of immersion and it never gives anything for granted. It’s all these little things that can make quite the difference in the game, and you are definitely going to like this quite a bit.


The game is now available on Oculus Go and Oculus Rift, and RiseAngle, the company behind the game, is working to bring the game to other platforms including mobile.