Gaming is fun and an excellent way to catch up with friends and family. Whether you spend an hour or eight hours on your PC, you should enjoy enhanced comfort as you play. Today, gaming chairs come in handy and are specifically designed to provide the most comfortable seating environment. The Rapidx chair is a modern chair that is designed for play and work. It is a premium and flexible chair that allows you to enjoy heightened levels of comfort.

What makes the Rapidx unit one of a kind?

The chair is designed with a professional look and this is enhanced by the bucket seat for enhanced comfort. It is a stylish chair that complements your gaming and work station. The chair simply gives you the flexibility of expression, style and the feel you would ever want in the office, your game station or at home.

Unlike chairs that are filled with fluff, the Rapidx is a superior unit packed with high quality padding material. This is tailor-made to provide high levels of comfort and support for your back. The padding on the chair is made of quality polyurethane foam to help you to play or work without back pain.

In addition, the chair features an ergonomic design. It rises above the norm as it is a supportive and mindful chair that comes with moulded inserts for your comfort. The overall design of the chair is tailor-made to prevent back pain, spine injuries, to enhance proper blood circulation as you play and to keep shoulder tendinitis at bay.

Furthermore, the chair comes with the best lumbar support and an excellent neck support pillow. For this reason, you enjoy good support for your neck as you play and whenever you want to relax after intense gaming sessions. The pillows can be lowered, raised and even entirely removed based on your personal needs.

The chair is also a sporty gaming and working chair that comes with adjustable armrests. Therefore, you do not strain your arms during game-play or as you work. This further lowers back and shoulder pains. The 3D adjustable armrests can be adjusted to different directions based on your needs.

The Rapidx also has an amazing design and is available in beautiful colour options including;

  • White on black.
  • Red on black.
  • Yellow on red.
  • White on blue.

The colour combinations, it’s stitching and the overall pattern of the chair makes the chair a beautiful addition in your workplace or home. This is further enhanced by the finish line and angled colour piping on the gaming chair that makes it truly beautiful. For this reason, if you are looking for a chair with a sporty appearance, the Rapidx is the unit for you. What’s more, it assumes a racing style to immerse you in a world of the real gaming world. As a result, you enjoy a heightened gaming experience when using the chair

The chair is equally made of the best engineering techniques for enhanced durability and comfort. As a result, you can conveniently use the chair over a long haul without signs of wear and tear.

Extra features

  • Supports up to 265lbs
  • Has a recline feature up to 155 degrees
  • Comes with a lift cylinder that allows you to adjust the height to your preferred position
  • It is made of high quality and durable PVC leather

Therefore, if you want a unit that perfectly offers the flexibility of a work, home and gaming environment, the Rapidx Chair  & recliners are the worth your consideration.