A good number of persons do agree with the idea that learning should be fun. But, surprisingly it is supported by science, that computer games not only increase your brainpower but also preserve your mental faculties. This was a debate which rages across the internet with proponents of each device vehement in their support and scathing about gamers who don’t agree with their view. The exact numbers are hard to come by though with most studies showing PC gamers outnumbering console users.

Why You Must Play Computer Games

The truth is, computer games make you smart, and better at life. Here’s why:

Processing speed

To be able to process information rapidly is critical in many situations. Drivers, for example, are presented with a lot of information (some of it constantly changing) and asked to make rapid and accurate decisions that can have dramatic implications. To make a decision, however, speed is typically sacrificed for the accuracy or vice versa.  Put it, and fast decisions often lead to mistakes. PC games are notorious for requiring rapid processing of sensory information, and prompt action. Not being in a position to make decisions or delays in a response is often severely penalized. Sims 4 free gamers are subsequently highly motivated to reduce their reaction time (RT).

Reasonable uncommon studies have shown that gamers have better RTS than non-gamers. It is hardly surprising, but what maybe is that this speed generalizes to various tasks (not just the specific game) and that the increased speed does not lead to a decline inaccuracy. Fundamentally, gamers process and respond faster, but they don’t lose any accuracy when doing so. Some of these studies have indicated causality by showing that RTS can be trained by game-play!  Playing computer games will help you improve your processing speed, 


Playing computer games has benefits for your brain. Some guardian’s do seem to be big on decrying gaming, but there is significant evidence that as Daphne Bevelier, professor of brain and cognitive sciences who has conducted several studies on playing video games, put it, “action video games are far from mindless.” The research suggests that gamers have improved skills in attentioncognition, vision, and multitasking.

Multitasking for non-gamers RT is increased by about 30% when they switched from a single task. On the other hand, gamers still had an increase, but it was only by about 10%.

Through research that was conducted back in 2013 found that just playing a basic 3D racing game for a total of 12 hours for four weeks improved multitasking performance for up to 6 months. This change was seen in 20-70 year-olds, but surprisingly, the trained 60+ year-olds outperformed 20 years who hadn’t played the game. Other numerous cognitive abilities like sustained attention, working memory, etc..


With a PC, you really can be immersed to play. But it doesn’t stop there.  With the availability of different keyboards and mice available not only add an extra dimension with their LED lighting. But they are also fast and accurate giving the Sims 4 free gamer a far more satisfying gaming experience.

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