play Android Game On PC

Smartphone and tablet games are specially designed for Android users. But if your battery ran out of power and you have sat down in front of PC or laptop to play Android Game on PC, then how will you play your favourite game. Yes, this is possible by using several tools and plugins.


 Run Android games on a PC or Laptop

One of the popular ways to run android game on your PC is running an emulator or virtual machine. Like

  • GenyMotion – It is run by Oracle VirtualBox. It needs free sign up to use this virtualization project and play Android Game On PC.
  • Nox App Player – This app emulates your android stuff on your PC. It is one the simplest way to emulate your windows. You can also use this app to play Pokemon go on your PC.
  • AMIDuOSIf you want to run android lollipop games or apps in your windows 7,8 & 10 then you can use their 30 days trial package. It will cost you 14$ in the premium package.

But you are only planning to play android games on PC then Nox player would be the best option for you.


Playing your Favourite game

What types of game you are planning to play on your desktop is not a consideration here but I can assure that most of the games will run fine. I have installed Angry Birds Go on my desktop. I didn’t face any difficulties while doing it. But you might need some time to configure the game. A game controller is the best option for you at that time.


Virtual Android With GenyMotion 

GenyMotion have two downloads available. First one is VirtualBox Bundled if you are not using the Virtual machine tool. But if you have Oracle VirtualBox installed then you would do fine. However choose the smaller download file, you will also need to sign up to proceed further. But its free for home use only. GenyMotion offers Windows, MAC and also Linux versions.



After downloading GenyMotion install it on your PC. You need to promote your logging details. Click yes, to add a new virtual device and select preferred virtual android device from the list. Click next to finish.  Genymotions features a bunch of controls along the edges of the window with the rotation of the screen and also volume control. You will have to install apps package to install google play or you will not find any game there. After that, you can play Android Game on PC anytime.


play Android Game On PC


Nox App Player

Comparing with GenyMotion Nox player have less intensive options and it also includes additional features. Like screen recordings.If you want to install had to the website and download then run the EXE file, following the instructions your Nox App Player will be ready.



This emulator is friendly for the users and it is one of the most popular emulators for Android users to play Android Game on PC. There is a collection of buttons that you can use to simulate interaction with touchscreen, portable device. There is also keyboard mapping that will improve your Android FPS games. You can also drag files including game APKs from your PC.


play Android Game On PC



If you want to install a game on to your PC you just need to enable root on the app. Then look for the settings cog in the top right corner, then select the drop-down menu for Root. You will need to restart Nox App Player to proceed. You will also find a browseable option via the right-hand menu bar. This is the best app to play Android Game on Your PC so far.



AMIDuOS offers simple installation process. After you run this app you will see that you can easily install games from amazon app store. If you want to install games on google play then you will need to have apps package, which you will get from the AMIDuOS website.



After you have installed AMIDuOS simply choose the update that matches the AMIDuOS.And follow the above instructions. After all the steps are done you can start installing apps. Then play Android Game on Your PC easily.


play Android Game On PC


Traditional Android App Emulators

We have listed some top emulator above. But beside this, there is some more emulator which can be used to play Android Game On PC. Such as


– This is probably one of the well known and popular android emulators. This is widely used to play Android Game On PC



Android x86 Project

–  This is a full Android OS designed only to run on desktop computers.




Remix OX

– Another android emulator is remix OX. This emulator is best suited for high-end Android games. This app is also used to play Android Game On PC.



Wrap Up

Usually, people do not take android games that much seriously. Because when it’s about gaming than you can’t compare it with PC gaming. But there are some android games which are worthy of playing. But if you want to play Android Game On PC  then you just need to install this emulator ion on your PC and enjoy a different gaming experience.

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