Counter-Strike is one of the most popular competitive shooters games of all time. It has become an actual sport that a lot of people devote their lives to. Global Offensive continued to carry the legacy of the game and with its new operations, skins, customized maps, Valve wants to keep it that way.

Just like college football players train every day to be drafted and become one of the top NCAAF betting picks, amateur CS:GO players train constantly to become more competitive and be invited to join one of the multiple eSports giant teams around.

However, even if you invest hundreds of hours in the game, you will still need the right accessories to bring the edge over competitors and make them regret the decision of going against you. There are a lot of accessories that were specially designed just to make gaming easier for you. Let’s look at some of the best CS:GO accessories that will help you sharpen your skill set.

The Perfect Gaming Accessories 2019


The mouse for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive need to have certain characteristics that are important for players such as:

  • Comfort
  • Flexibility of configuration
  • Good sensor
  • Anti-slip surface availability
  • Very small response time (1ms)
  • Durability
  • Easy-to-click mouse buttons

One of the most preferred choices is the Zowie Gear Gaming Mouse FK1-FK-2. This model can switch between 400/800/1600/3200 DPI. Alongside the Avagio 3310 optical sensor makes shooting more precise and most importantly it is easy to use even for people with large palms and long fingers. The only disadvantage for the Zowie is that the side buttons may seem hard to click.

It is an affordable mouse and can be found from $50 which is a great price for value. The fact that 64% of CS:GO players use BenQ Zowie mouse proves that it is very good.


Choosing the right keyboard can be a simpler process than choosing the right mouse for example. Although the keyboard is also very important for better maneuvering and comfortable playing long hours.

There are few important characteristics to look for when buying your keyboard for CS: GO such as:

  • Always buy a mechanical keyboard
  • It is better to use a wired keyboard rather than wireless
  • Look for keyboards with additional keys (macro keys)
  • Lights will be only for aesthetic reasons.

A recent survey showed that 20% of CS: GO players use HyperX keyboard, 17% SteelSeries, 12% Xtrfy, 10% Logitech and 41% others.

However, the preferred choice will be the Logitech G513. This keyboard is good looking in a normal way and it does not immediately scream “GAMER” just because it looks like a regular keyboard. It is a bit large (17.9”) so you must have space on your desk, it is a very comfortable keyboard with the wrist rest and it has great built quality with aluminum frame.

It will cost you around $129.99 so it sits in the middle priced keyboards section.

Gamin Mousepad

The third and final accessory that you will need for improving your CS: GO skills is the gaming mousepad. It can be frustrating when your mouse slips from your mousepad or has unpredictable grip and you lose. That is why you should get yourself bigger and high-quality gaming mousepad that are made from the perfect material

Corsair MM600  

is one of the best choices on the market. In terms of the design, it is normal solid color mousepad without the districting vivid colors of other mouses. It is double-sided mousepad secured by rubber in all four corners, so you would securely move your mouse not your mouse pad. Als, the low friction surface is perfect for games like CS:GO.

It is a little expensive when you consider other mousepads coming at $25.99, but it is money well invested.

These are all the Perfect Gaming Accessories for CS you will ever need for the best setup for CS: GO. After that, it is all left to you to sharpen your skills and become the most feared player on the battlefield.