Many bingo enthusiasts have turned to the online version to have their regular bingo fix. The online bingo allows players to play their favourite game on their PCs or mobile devices. The format of the online version is simple and easy to follow and gives the players many pleasant hours of indulgence.

Online Bingo Games Market 2020

The Online Bingo Share

Bingo halls are quickly becoming a thing of the past as many bingo players move online. One of the world’s largest online bingo markets is the UK and there are plans to move to the London stock market. The UK alone boasts approximately 3 million players (Intertain Canada)

Intertain hopes that the response from the London market will be better than in Canada especially owing to the fact that the UK market makes up the majority of its revenue.

In comparison to other forms of online betting such as casinos, National Lottery and racecourse among others, online bingo appears to bring in less revenue. Online bingo’s growth is also slow compared to the other forms of online betting. One explanation fronted is that online bingo players are not big spenders as compared to those who make big stakes on other forms of betting.

Nevertheless, there are myriads of sites and the technology is pretty simple. As long as there are more people playing, more interest will be generated which will lead to bigger prizes or jackpots.

Top Online Bingo Trends

There is a wide range of bingo websites including Cheers Bingo to choose from if you are interested in giving the game a try. However, there are a few trends you need to be aware of. These include the following:

Virtual Bingo

Online gambling is now a thing and technology has come up with innovative ideas to include the online community. Bingo is not going to be left behind. As it is, a large number of players are ditching the traditional bingo hall for the virtual one.

It is easy to get in on the action as virtual bingo is available on mobile devices. Many mobile companies are looking into the possibility of developing devices complete with accessories that can turn them into virtual reality devices.

Getting Your Bonuses via Cryptocurrency

Digital currency such as Bitcoin has quickly become accepted as a form of currency. A number of websites use cryptocurrency to pay out bonuses to their players. You are allowed to make deposits and even withdrawals using Bitcoins which you can then exchange for regular currency.

Mobile Bingo

With mobile devices, you can enjoy your favorite pastime on the go. As long as you have access to a Smartphone or tablet and internet connection, you will be able to play at your desk in the office or even in the park.

The number of players accessing online bingo on their mobile devices is set to rise for the simple reason that it is convenient. New games and customized experiences for players will possibly be introduced.


Online bingo faces a few challenges such as taxation and regulations. Advertisement is also a challenge that has certain effects on suppliers.

In addition, players’ attitudes and demands have changed with time. This brings changes in the market with regard to the acquisition of player data as well as the implementation of the same. Experts believe that the industry needs to get with the times in order to remain relevant.

Some of the pressing issues that need to be addressed include choice for both the players as well as operators. Players come in different shapes and sizes and technology needs to be adaptable in order to serve the players depending on their particular requirements.


Apart from playing the game, you can also access employment as a bingo clerk, customer care agent, household moving agent, data scientist, compliance officer, data visualization specialist or even a risk, fraud and payment specialist. Additionally, you can freelance and work from home. There are plenty of opportunities with online bingo.


Online bingo opens up opportunities for players, investors as well as job seekers. With the advancement of technology, online bingo is set to become widely recognized as other online games and gambling platforms.