As we head towards the end of the year there’s no denying that 2018 has been a great year for the gaming industry. You only have to look at the figures to see just how huge it’s grown. According to the Games Global Market Report, in the US alone it’s worth $30.4 billion and an estimated 178 million Americans – well over half the population – play regularly. It’s also been a year when eSports has also started to take off even more. In fact, there is even talk of it becoming a demonstration sport in the Olympics as soon as the 2024 Paris Games.

Sure, there have been the high-profile launches of games – including the inevitable FIFA 19 and another chapter in the Call of Duty story. But there have been a number of other fantastic games released that deserve a mention, too. Here are just five of those Most Exciting Games title.

Most Exciting Games we played in 2018

Far Cry 5

Previous versions of Celeste have taken you to far flung places in the world including the Himalayas, but in the latest version, you’re back on home soil as a very busy sheriff’s deputy trying to maintain law and order in a remote part of Montana called – ironically – Hope County. There are plenty of wild animals to deal with, and rednecks aplenty.

In a strangely prescient inclusion there’s also one Montanan character who is on a mission to “Make Hope Great Again”. Your key opponent is the shady leader of a cult by the name of Joseph Seed, who has a predictable hold over his disciples who also need to be rounded up by you.Standout features of the game include the fact that you can choose to be either a male or female protagonist and there are also a wide range of customisable outfits include a pretty neat caveman/cavewoman outfit to wear when you’re really out in the wilds.



Celeste is a game that contains within it a juxtaposition of the retro and the cutting edge. On the surface it looks like just another 2D platformer whose roots lie firmly in the worlds of the Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog. But look below the superficial and you’ll find a game that’s subtle, involving and packed with exciting elements.

In the game, you play Madeline and it’s your task to navigate the eight distinct chapters that gradually lead you up a mountain. Along the way there are all the obstacles you’d expect and more including spikes waiting to impale poor Madeline if you mistime a jump. Along the way there are magic strawberries to collect and, once you’ve finished a chapter, you can go back and check where any of the juicy fruits that you’ve missed might be.

But the real beauty of the game is the subtlety of the controls. Using just three buttons and a joystick it feels intuitive and represents a real leap forward in the tactile pleasure of playing games like this.


Silver Lion

Fans of online slots games will know that there are new ones being introduced almost daily and 2018 has been no exception seeing many novel variations on the genre.

One that has captivated players and online reviewers alike is Silver Lion. Taking many of its cues from the way in which video games are firmly rooted in a time and place, Silver Lion takes you on a virtual safari across the African Savannah.

Among the creatures, you’ll come across are meerkats, zebras hippos and, naturally, the rare silver lion. There’s also a Masai warrior who will pop up from time to time and when you’re least expecting it.

There are no less than 1,024 winning permutations across the five reels and it also has a whole host of other features including free spins and a multiplier that can boost pay outs by up to 27 times. So it’s a great way to maybe start getting that cash together to head for an African safari for real.2018 has been a golden year for slot games, which are increasingly immersive and engaging – becoming the game of choice for millions of gamers worldwide. There are loads more where Silver Lion came from, as you’ll see by checking out this rundown of the best new slot games.

Sea of Thieves

If the swashbuckling worlds of pirates and hidden treasure really float your boat, come aboard for Sea of Thieves. Developed by Rare, this stands out among the many seafaring games for the range of challenges that it presents you with, as well as the superb collaborative elements that it entails. This makes it a far more satisfying & multiplayer game than one to enjoy on your own. So we had to add it to our Most Exciting Games list 2018.

There are technical skills to master including rigging and balancing your three sails for maximum speed and mobility as well as judging your cannon range to and from enemy ships. There are also three types of voyage you can undertake ranging from missions to hunt down and kill undead captains to simple merchant trips where you become the target of pirates.As exciting as the action is, the visual backdrop taking in swelling seas, spectacular sunsets and swooping flocks of seagulls.

A Way Out

The prison break movie has always been a big favourite and so it’s no surprise that A Way Out has also proved to be one of the most popular games of 2018. The two main protagonists, Vincent Moretti and Leo Caruso, find themselves in the slammer and unite to escape and avenge themselves on a crime boss called Harvey.Because the game owes so much to the world of film we won’t go into much more detail to avoid any spoilers. You just need to know that it will take you through many twists, turns and double-crosses along the way.

Its filmic roots come from the game’s originator, Josef Fares, whose younger brother Fares Fares voices Leo. Josef has directed a number of movies so the pacing of the game also reflects this. Plus, just as the game brings the two characters together, this is a two player game with no single player mode – but it’s a great journey to embark on with a truly jaw-dropping conclusion.


Do you have a favourite game that didn’t make this list? Did we miss any Most Exciting Games in 2018 that you want us to add in our list? Let us know in the comments below!