Sometimes you might suffer in need of high-end gaming setup as now all the new pc games come with high-end gaming configuration. But what will you do if you have Low graphics laptop? As nowadays most of the laptop is getting more and more powerful but still some low end configured machines are available. Let’s just think that you have gone on a vacation. And you have bought a laptop for you. Now you want to play games on it. But its tough to find suitable games for your laptop. So here I am giving a list of Low graphics game that you can play both in laptop and PCs.

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Best Low graphics game for Laptops And Low-End PCs


Civilization 5

As long as you have intel core i3 processor or a better processor with you, you have enough power stored in your laptop to run civilization 5. And if you are looking for a game that you can carry with your hard drive then this would be the perfect option for you.

There are lots of expansions and mods available in the steam workshop , although you will have enough contents to complete the edition in your hotels.This game can also be played with a mousepad if you are suffering for a spare mouse around you. Which would be a lifesaver at that time.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

If you are in a mood for playing virtual catharsis then there are more options for you. I will suggest you Ork slaying simulator around Relic’s Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine. Space Marine is basically an unhinged, non-stop slaughter of Orks which you will enjoy from the beginning of the game till the end. It’s quite old game comparing with today’s high-end graphics game but it’s still standard PC game that you will enjoy until the end. It has a perfectly playable framerate on laptops with 6th or 7th generations Intel CPUs configuration. These games can be run with Intel HD graphics 4600 also.

Stardew Valley

If you were busy farming up a storm at then there is a suitable game for you as well. Stardrew Valley is supported in 2 GB of Ram and a GPU with 256mb of video memory only, which is pretty available for all kinds of laptops. You can play this game in keyboard also.


Endless Legend

Endless Legend is best for those gamer who wants fantasy with experience. This is also suitable for those who want to play a thoughtful 4X on the go. If you do not a have any graphics card in you set up this game will still run. Which is a very good news for those gamer who does not have any high end configured setup.

Sleeping Dogs


If you want to lose yourself in the open world games then this is a best suitable game for you. What will be the better option than to explore the brutal streets of Hong Kong. Sleeping dogs are well optimised on PC but this game is still suitable for laptop users as well.But I will personally recommend carrying a controller with you while travelling to have the best experience of this game. With an integrated graphics from the HD 2500 series, this game is supported. Sometimes you have to grab a bike from miles away by just punching a few blokes in the face.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

lets assume you have missed your full trucking rig from home but this is a game that you can play on any laptop with Intel HD 4000 graphics. It usually runs with SLS’s cathartic trucking simulation. This game has a beautiful nature which makes it a stronger candidate for laptop games. This game has full suitable keyboard controls. But you will still be needing touch pad control.

Low graphics game


End of the Line

You might not be a PC gamer or you might not have a high-end gaming PC setup but you can still play and enjoy games that can be a good friend in your boring times. This low graphics games can be played on both laptop and PC. And to play this games you don’t need to have a supercomputer. You can play them, anywhere anytime. And enjoy your best moments with these games.

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