Logitech G602

Logitech G602 is the heart of all gaming PC and creates the biggest difference in between the console and computer gaming. Perfect for FPS and RTS games, the mouse also supports a wide variety of PC games as it gives pixel-precise control over the cursor and the gaming camera.

For the gaming mouse, there are lots of options out there in the market. To help you with your choice, here we are going to review Logitech G602, a wireless gaming mouse, which in our perspective a very good option as a gaming mouse to buy at a reasonable price.

Logitech G602 is one of the best wireless gaming mouse that comes with 11 programmable buttons to use. The mouse can function up to 250 hours in performance mode which is eight times the battery life of another wireless gaming mouse. Unlike other Bluetooth gaming mice, G602 has a dedicated USB 3.0 wireless receiver that delivers lag free performance with a 2.4 GHz wireless connection and 500 Hz polling rate with a 2 millisecond report rate.

The wireless receiver covers a range of 9.8ft (3 meters) and a USB data format of 16bits/axis.The mouse has a dimension of 3.27 x 5.47 x 1.73 inches with a very lighter build of 0.95 lb. which makes it one of the lightest among its competitors.


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Logitech G602 Review

logitech g602



G602 is the first in its series to have the Delta Zero Technology which enables high performance without compromising battery life, in addition, it gives high-accuracy cursor control exclusive lens design, illumination geometry, and processing algorithms. The LED illuminated 2500 DPI sensor provides high-precision cursor control. This enables gamers to get the perfect sniper shot, movement of the character and RTS unit or MOBA kills.

The G602 also comes with two easy reach buttons to switch DPI settings between 250 DPI for pixel-precise cursor movement or targeting and 2500 DPI for high-speed movements. These easy reach buttons help the gamer to change the DPI in game, for example, taking a low DPI to take the high precision sniper shot and immediately to high DPI after releasing aim down sight and performing escape manoeuvres. Moreover, the mouse can accelerate up to 20 G.


The mouse comes with two modes: Performance and Endurance. As the name suggests, the Performance mode allows full gaming with a battery life up to 250 hours. On the other hand, if not gaming, choosing to Endurance mode will allow the battery life to sustain to 1440 hours.

Moreover, the switch to change the mode is on top of the mouse and an indicator light shows on which mode the mouse is running; blue for Performance and green for Endurance. If you are looking for a normal and casual use desktop use for the mouse, Endurance mode is suitable for you. On the other hand, for hardcore gaming switching to Performance is just one click away.


With a very comfortable design, multiple controls in the easy reach for the index finger where six individually sculpted buttons are easily identifiable via touch and slip-resistant grips to improve control even when using the mouse for hours-long gaming sessions. Overall, the mouse was designed to give maximum comfort while gameplay.
Built for endurance, the mouse’s upgraded primary mechanical micro switches have a lifespan of 20 million clicks and including that the low friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet can last a fascinating 250 km.

This plug and play mouse also comes with Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) which enables the gamer to customize the commands and create profile according to the game just via drag and drop settings. There is also an automatic game detection settings which will allow pre-configured customization.





This plug and play mouse also comes with Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) which enables the gamer to customize the commands and create profile according to the game just via drag and drop settings. There is also an automatic game detection settings which will allow pre-configured customization. This gives pro gamers the opportunity to have custom controls for each game, for example, hotkeys set up for RTS games and fast reload or switching weapons key for FPS games. It has in total of 11 programmable keys to choose from, giving gamers full control over their game.


With 3 years limited hardware warranty, Logitech G602 supports both Microsoft Windows and Mas OS. The $39.99 package of the mouse in Amazon.com, comes with the Mouse, Wireless Receiver, Receiver Extended Cable, 2 AA batteries pre-installed and user documentation.


This Logitech wireless gaming mouse shows great performance in usage. It is not only lighter than its competitor mice but also has higher battery life. The size is just right for the hand with rubber grip for comfortable use and 5 DPI settings ranging from 250 to 2500.

In addition, the button replacement is just right which makes sure there is no accidental thumb button press. It is durable, gives full control over the games with programmable buttons with adjustable DPI and contoured shape. Overall, with its fine build quality and texture Logitech G602 is one of the best buy compared to other gaming mouse in the market as it has the best specs at a reasonable cost.



For some users, the top three thumb buttons can be a little uncomfortable to use and the keys take slightly more pressure giving a slightly reduced control. Compared to the G700 the key’s registration is also slow, it has lower DPI (where G700 has 8200), non-rechargeable battery, optical sensor instead of laser and does not have hyper fast scrolling.

However, unlike the other mice in its series, G602 supports Mac OS. Furthermore, the programmable keys don’t allow multiple key settings for example.Like one key will register only one stroke, not multiple such as pressing “I” followed by an “Enter”. Thus, it is not a suitable choice for those gamers who are looking custom series of keys – MACROS. Moreover, the battery is not rechargeable meaning one has to buy another set of two AA batteries after each battery life cycle. Also, the DPI isn’t much high.


In conclusion

Logitech G602 is one of the best in its series. Judging from the user reviews on Amazon and other websites, this Logitech mouse has lots of good qualities which includes long battery life, less price as a wireless gaming mouse, smooth texture, good size and grip, 11 programmable buttons and lightweight. The cons are minute if one considers the mouse’s price. All in all, Logitech G602 is a great choice as a wireless gaming mouse for regular to hardcore gamers.