Logitech G600

There are many people who don’t support the idea of a Multi button MMO mouse. As it doesn’t make any sense to give so many buttons in a mouse. But Logitech has overcome this barrier. They have released a product name Logitech G600. It has fulfilled many needs of the MMO gamer. And it has also added a new era to the gaming world.

In the past, we have seen many mouse’s for the gamer but G600 is different from others. It is a great inspiration to the Razer Naga gamer. G600 is not only a mouse it is beast with twelve buttons. But it is unavoidable to give the answer to the questions that Razer Naga VS G600- which one is better ???

For the amazing gaming experience in the MMO world, G600 is a beast with 20 buttons.It is designed to give full satisfaction to the MMO gamer. It will add a new power to the MMO gamer.




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Logitech G600 Gaming mouse Specifications-

System Requirement

  • Windows 10 or later, Windows 8,
    Windows 7 Windows Vista, Windows XP
  • USB port


• Resolution: 50 – 8200 dots per inch (dpi)
• Image processing: 11.25 megapixels/second
• Max. Acceleration: 25G2
• Max. speed: up to 160 inches (4.06 meters)/second


• USB data format: 16 bits/axis
• USB report rate: Up to 1000 reports/second
• Sleep mode: disabled


• Dynamic coefficient of friction:09 µ (k)3
• The static coefficient of friction: .14 µ (s)3
• Total weight: 133 grams
• Cord: 15 grams


• Buttons (Left / Right / Third): 20 million clicks
• Feet: 250 kilometres


• Weight: 133 grams (without cable)
• Dimensions: 118mm x 75mm x 41mm
• Cable length: 6.5 feet (2 meters)

Main Features

  •  20 MMO turning Buttons
  •  Thumb buttons designed to misc-lick
  • G shift double button function
  • super supportive shave that reduces hand fatigue
  • Customize its lighting effect
  • Responds your actions instantly by 1 millisecond USB report
  • 20 million click



Customization evolved

You have to use Logitech Gaming Software for full satisfaction use and customization also. It has 3 primary buttons and 12 thumb buttons with a clickable scrolling wheel and also a G switch of double down.


Precise and intuitive

It is specially designed on a unique thumb panel for MMO gamer and MMO developers. They have given 12 primary buttons for skill MMO gamer. The actuation force helps for minimizing miss clicks.


logitech g600


Double down on control

You can double the total number of customization functions. They have made a default setting, by holding the G-shift button down it activates the second function to each G key. It can also set G-shift to a temporary change DPI for extra cursor precision.


Experience illumination

By customizing the thumb panel lighting for a clear visual reference of up to 3 active profiles and 3 different sub-modes. You can make a unique colour by choosing 1 out of 16 million colours. You can make profile mode and mode style in the same game.


Experience illumination

By using back-lit keys you can locate keys in any room. You can choose 1 out of 16 million and make a unique colour for profile mode, mode style in the same game. You can choose without looking down. Which mode you are in to ensure your setup is optimized that can be also controlled.

On-Board Memory Profiles

A mouse with a brain

You can program up to three profiles for individual players or games. You can also bring your game to others PC without using no other software.

logitech g600


Be ready in an instant

With only one single button press that is located behind the scroll wheel, you can quickly shift DPI levels. You can also reassign the ring finger for temporary shifts in speed while held down.


Built to outlast

Three primary buttons are rated to a 20 million click lifespan. It has low friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet that are tested to last a 250 KM. They have designed G600 to endure. Gaming condition of it is really impressive.


Shaped to go the distance

They have made it with maximum comfort and they have positioned to reduce click fatigue while avoiding accidental actuation’s. And you will always be last standing. They have given it a full comfort grip.


Focus on accuracy

They have given it a laser-sharp sensitivity that pays off while playing games. They have given it a gaming-grade laser that delivers precision at any hand speed and it works in a wide range of surface.


Rough and ready

G600 comes with a cloth wrapped and also durable 2m USB cord.it also comes with a cable to make it more comfortable and ready to play.


Thought and action unite

It executes every command as fast as possible. So you don’t need to worry about it. Not only that 1000 HZ report rate is 8 times faster than usual USB mouse. G600 will always capture your moves as fast as you can’t imagine.


A material advantage

It has polytetrafluoroethylene for low friction. In any surface for smoother motions, it has improved accuracy.


Make it yours–simply

You need to use optional gaming software to enjoy the full performance smoothly. Then command your favourite game, Easily set drag and drop settings not only that you can also customize buttons. Beside this, you can use pre-configured settings.



You need to note that it doesn’t come with CD driver. You need to download the latest version of the software that is available on Logitech support website. Logitech setpoint software might not work on G600.They have given Logitech software’s graphical interface to navigate and visual to programmable functions. You will also get pop up tooltips.

Pop up tooltips will help you to guide and also in collecting little more information. Three profile can be stored in the onboard memory of G600. They have given macro functions with simple hotkeys. Moreover, unlike Razer Naga 2012 with its driver software, synapse 2.0 / Logitech uses their own computer, unlike invasive than is necessary.

20 buttons that have been given in Logitech G600 model can be assigned macro functions each. You can switch another profile by clicking a section of the coloured wheel. You can define maximum three profile in each game and own set of assigned macro functions can be assigned in each profile of its own.

“Mouse function “& keystroke are limited for macro function. If users want more advanced macros they need to use the computer stored profile. Keystroke, key combinations, hotkeys, opening programs and advance mouse option are all included in computer stored macro option. You can change the DPI by DPI shift while the button is held. It’s a macro function. You can define DPI level in the mouse pointer settings tab.

G600 is unique in G-shift. Not only that G600 has its own pseudo-modifier key and it can be assigned to a button on the G600 or as a Logitech G-series keyboard macro key.

You can hold down a button with g-shift assigned with function similarly you can hold down a modifier on the keyboard such as shift, Ctrl & Alt. G-shift can also swap between two users. A number of programmed macros can be doubled by using G-shift in G600.


The Mouse Pointer

DPI sensitivity and report rate can be changed by settings tab. You can define DPI levels and you can also designate one of those levels for DPI shift. Own set of levels and sensitivity can be made for each profile.
One of 16 million colours can illuminate a steady glow or a pulse by thumb button backlight. Both palette and the swatches can be used to define that colour. You can also cycle the backlights through rainbow colours as well as adjust the cycling of the speed of the rainbow colour. You can have your own lighting scheme for your own profile and game profile.

True things are that it is not very much of attractive. like the other mice in the market like Razer Naga, Corsair M90, Mad Catz. But has its own good reason to choose.

But if you create a specialized thing that is not mandatory that it will suit everyone. The ergonomics don’t have a suitable claw grip or fingertip hold. But it helps to access quickly in several rows of thumb buttons by keeping the thumb raised.

Ergonomics has one problem that is it doesn’t have a centre of gravity will be directly below the unsupported fingers. Controlling the mouse becomes very much clumsy affair if the surface has enough friction.


Then it becomes a matter of compromise of using 12 thumb buttons.
But from the most ergonomic designs of Logitech G600 is most comfortable to those users of palm hold. Their main goal of the design is to give comfort to the MMO gamer. But it comes in vain to a large number of thumb buttons in the G600 model. The sloping outline of the mouse makes it resting for comfort while using the primary button.

For Hours of Griding G600 is really good, Even for office work, it gives good performance to the action gamer. The weight, width supports hard to the shooters or hammers a lot while clicking on real-time strategy games.


Wrap Up

Despite all this Logitech G600 is particularly great at one thing due to its specialized design, its strongest suit is for casual gaming, some office work, and of course MMO. The ergonomics favour long use and while I only find myself using three thumb buttons, that’s enough for a few frequently used spells and as media keys (previous, play/pause, and next) outside of gaming. The thumb buttons aren’t too soft or too hard to press and they aren’t overly intrusive.

The customization of LED lights is a welcome cosmetic extra on top of a very functional mouse. G600 has a more accommodating ergonomic shape while Razer Naga 2012 doesn’t have that. This is on top of multi-colour backlight thumb buttons and onboard memory, the latter which is sorely missing on the newest version of the Naga.

A 3-year warranty and mouse well in line with its competition. I can confidently say that the G600 is as good as the respectable Naga and those looking to buy an MMO mouse should find equal satisfaction with either.


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