Nowadays modern technology is pushing its own boundaries. Just think about the smartphones, it’s almost as powerful as our PCs.You can easily compare one smartphone with 10 years ago PCs. But if you are thinking that only the power of a computer is developed than you are wrong. Cause our storage device and the performance of the storage devices have become more powerful and grown in size. So have decided to take look at the worlds largest hard drives and Solid State drives currently available. Let’s take a look Best Hard drive for Gaming in todays market.

Low Budget Hard Drives < 100

Image NameInterface Capacity Cache RPM Warranty
Seagate IronWolf NASSATA 6Gb/s 4TB64MBN/A3 years
WD Blue Hard DriveSATA 6 Gb/s1TB64MB 7200 RPM2 years
Toshiba P300SATA 6 Gb/s3TB 64MB 7200 RPM2 years
WD Red NAS Hard DriveSATA 6 Gb/s4TB64MB 5400 RPM3 years
Seagate SATA DriveSATA 6 Gb/s4TB64MB 5900 RPM2 years

Top 5 Largest Hard Drives Review 2018

Samsung PM1633a – 16 TB (The Biggest Drive Ever – an SSD )

If you are aware of the basic difference between an SSD and HDD. You will know that SSD is usually smaller in size then HDD. And also the cost per GB is higher in SSD than HDD.So you might expect that the largest drive in the world is HDD. But you are wrong cause its SSD. In mid-2015 the 16 TB PM1633a was first announced at the Flash Memory Summit in California. Even after so many years still its the largest drive in the world. And the size of it is only 2.5″.It can store all of the 16 TB data. They have used 3D NAND technology to run the Best Hard drive for Gaming.


Samsung PM1633a

Performance of the SSD will not disappoint you for a second. It provides 1200 MB/s read and 900 MB/s write speed which is close enough to the reaching port of 12 Gbps SAS port. The PM1663a’s price is too much high for any regular consumer so most industry retailers sell it for around $10,000.So the tech industry is pushing itself really forward in all fields like computing and performance.

HGST Ultrastar He12 (12 TB)

Western Digital is known as one of the largest hard drives manufactures in the world and also as a daughter company for developing helium drives. Their latest creation is He12 which will come in 12 TB of storage at 7200 RPM speed.

HGST Ultrastar He12

In the last few years, Helium technology has been crucial for increasing the capacity of hard disk drives. The main advantages of using drive platters spinning in a less dense gas are it reduces the aerodynamic force on the platters, which allows it to put more platters in just one drive. It also reduces the amount of energy to spin the platters. As a result power consumption is less with some other few useful side effects. It is one of the reliable data disk available in the market.

Seagate  Enterprise Capacity Helium Drive 9 ( 12 TB )

Seagate is the main competitor of WD in the field of HDDs. They do not have any kind of intentions to pass the role of industry leaders to WD so they have made their own creation which is helium HDDs with a capacity of 12 TB. While the drive itself uses a very unique and innovative technology still they didn’t spend much time to make a catchy name for the drive. To the name of their enterprise is capacity 3.5″ Helium drive which is not that much of a catchy name but you the performance of their drivers will not let you down.Seagate Enterprise Capacity Helium Drive 9

The maximum sustained speed of their data transfer is 261 MB/s. And it is one of the fastest speed in this industry. Besides this, they are more reliable and much faster than others. Like WD, Seagate also pushes there research in helium drives and releases more better drives every year. So you can expect to have a 14 TB or 16 TB drives in near future very soon.

Seagate Guardian Series ( 10 TB )

Usually, the largest drives are for the industry level use. But you can get close to an industry sized HDD and its because Seagate’s Barracuda, IronWolf and Skyhawk 10 TB HDDs are available within a reasonable price range of $400- 450.

Seagate Guardian Series

While three of these hard drives are almost at the same price you will get Barracuda only for personal data storage. In NAS data network the IronWolf is designed for the 24/7 usage. These drives are also speedy at 200 MB/s transfer speeds for the users. If you have a 10 TB hard disk its way to much for any average users but it might come handy in near future when we will use of the videos in 4K resolution and VR experience might become a normal thing like Mp3 files.

WD Red ( 10 TB )

This device is specially designed for the use of the NAS system. ANd so far it has less use for personal users. The main difference between other hard drives with this drive is some specific optimization, noise reduction and also long-term continuous use capability. Other then this it doesn’t have any other specific use to become exceptional.

WD Red

Still, if we are talking about 10 TB storage drives it indicates how far the hard drive industry has come along. The accessibility is far better nowadays.

In the End

If you are about the largest storage drive which is 16 TB then don’t think much cause in near future there will be more breakthroughs, cause Samsung is going to release their 32 GB V-NAND 4th generation drive very soon. Beside this SSD need just a year or 2 more to become twice in size and also in the performance and accessibility. Let’s see how far the technology can push themselves for more Best Hard drive for Gaming. But all these high capacity hard drives are too much large for any regular user but it’s not too much far when we will be using high definition video and virtual reality games frequently. So at that time we definitely will be needing this device.

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