Intel Core i9 Processor: The Next Big Dream for Gamer !!!

intel core i 9

In recent year, the roll out of desktop processors has felt a bit stale. You for the most part realize what will get: little more power, somewhat more efficiency. This late spring looks set to be a noteworthy battleground among Intel and AMD, with both organizations discharging their top of the line desktop (HEDT) stages and processors. Intel was not going to give AMD a chance to take the majority of the features with Thread-ripper. To counter the assault in the enthusiast sectors , Intel’s solution to AMD’s 16-center, 32-string Thread-ripper is a 18-center, 36-string beast microchip of its own, carefully fit for elite PC lovers, Intel began its new top of the line desktop (HEDT) processors and keeping in mind that Intel’s most recent refresh doesn’t reevaluate the chip, it provides indecent pull when that is progressively the only thing that is in any way important.

The following table lays out the few details we have on the different CPU that make up the Core i9 lineup:


CPU Name        Cores / Threads     Price

Core i9-7980XE 18 / 36                $1999

Core i9-7960X 16 / 32                $1699

Core i9-7940X 14 / 28                $1399

Core i9-7920X 12 / 24                $1199

Core i9-7900X 10 / 20                $999



The only one of the five announced with detailed specifications is currently Intel’s i9-7900X. They have given it a base clock of 3.3 GHz and also boost clock of  4.5 GHz & 4.3 GHz. Adding that it has a feature like L3 cache of 13.75 MB with the support of quad-channel DDR4-2666 memory.

Intel Core i9 Processor

The Core-X arrangement ticks off the standard execution picks up, with Intel guaranteeing up to 10 percent speedier multi-strung and 15 percent single-string execution over its ancestor. In any case, the concentration tumbles to the top-end, and a desktop chip so intense that Intel cut out another brand name for it: the Core i9. This stage is being focused on decisively at devotee clients like gamer and substance makers — individuals who need to have the capacity to run the most recent recreations at the most ideal determination while spilling film and running a talk with watchers or have four distinctive imaginative instruments open without a moment’s delay to assemble another blog.


8 cores and 36 threads into a single piece of silicon is Intel’s first consumer desktop processor.It has a feature of full throttle task-juggling that a world full of k video not only that with virtual reality demand also. Intel didn’t gave only video to these $1700 monster truck CPU. You need to know that they also added compiling code and running intensive virtual reality experience to boost it.Those who need to navigate several interrelated tasks at once like live streaming video games will have a real benefits.


What do you expect Intel has given more to you. They have upgraded there Turbo boost tech, Which now picks the two top performing cores for single threaded or light threaded workloads-think gaming 0r basic office work applications.

The majority of the Core i9 chips will join what Intel calls a refreshed Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0, an element where the chip distinguishes not only one, but rather two centers as the “best” centers, and makes them accessible to be progressively overclocked to higher velocities when required. They’ll be Optane-prepared, as well, with more than 130 Optane-prepared motherboards holding up in the wings, Intel said.


Intel is giving to there users a 10 core processor with Hyper Threading support and 13.75 MB of L3 cache not only that they are also giving you a base clock-speed of 3.3 GHz  which can run up to 4.3 GHz via Turbo Boost 2.0 and 4.5 GHz via turbo boost Max 3.0.A well-known overclock.They have made a processor to push 5.7 GHz using liquid nitrozen.

As clock speeds have leveled at marginally over 4 GHz, the test has been to discover a utilization for the greater part of the additional cores silicon makers are incorporating with their chips.Many games are still depend on a single processor core.So now Intel has started a Technic to solve these problem they have started to co-operate with steamers who utilize cores to play games as well as they ask different cores inside the framework so that they can encode the steam to jerk or YouTube and also might play some music out of sight.Intel calls these concurrent exercises “mega-tasking” and considers it to be a phenomenal approach to keep up the interest for ever-more prominent quantities of cores.


Overclocking is essential for high end performance and resolution games especially the newly released ones. This core gives the perfect overclocking system for the gamer


Overclocking features

  • Intel® Advanced Vector Extension – 512 (AVX – 512) ratio offset
  • Memory controller trim voltage control
  • PEG/DMI overclocking
  • Per-core overclocking
  • Per-core voltage
  • Enhanced memory overclocking

Extreme Tuning

  • Intel® Extreme tuning utility
  • Intel® Extreme memory profile

Upgrade option

  • Performance tuning protection plan


Its not the ending Intel is also upgrading there Turbo Boost technology  for core X line and it is called Turbo Boost Max 3.0 .This model will improve the multitasking performance and it will also ensure each core will be available to give Turbo Boost Max 3.0 performance.

Intel has refreshed there anticipated eight Gen line of standard Intel Chips and they code named Coffee Lake.hey also gt a report from a organization that a 15 percent change over the present 7th Gen Kaby Lake line. And now Intel has declared they are seeing more prominent execution with up to 30 percent over Kaby Lake.  All things considered, there’s still no report on when we’ll begin seeing the purported Coffee Lake contributes real PCs.

Intel has built up its own fluid cooling framework to keep the chips cool but if you are willing to spend such a great amount you can have your own ultra cooling into your new gaming rig or you can use housing coolers… they will also do the same trick as there is no requirement for extra section.It’s a similar mount and much superior to the LGA1151 setup on buyer sheets. The LGA 2066 attachment has a full front and back metal mount pulled appropriate from 2011-V3 (most will even now have that marking). It’s plainly more costly than the nonexistent mount of LGA 1151. Be that as it may, since Intel brings together the mounting strings clients don’t need to manage strange mounting systems from some cooler producers.

These new processor will benefit the gaming and Virtual reality in a particular.Those who want to show off their gameplay Intel is going to improve their streaming for them. Intel has shown a PC running a Core X -series processor that was live steaming someone playing a virtual reality game to twitch in their launch event. Because of their power improvement of CPU’s those PC was able to broadcast a number of views and angles of the gameplay live – that was something that would normally take a number of separate PC’s to achieve and Intel’s has successfully done it.


Intel is not just offering Extra Core. However Intel’s technology work has come together to deliver extreme performance to the entire platform.Not only that they have also introduced the New Intel X299 Chipset which will be adding more I/O and also more overclocking capabilities to your CPU. They are announcing updates of two top performing Cores and direct critical workloads to those cores for a big jump in a single or Multi threaded performance for your CPU.

These types of features have endless performance. Adding that Content creator can now have more fast image rendering,Video encoding =, audio production and real time preview anything they want and the most amazing part is they can run these things parallel so there will be less time for waiting less time waste and more time to create more time to invent more time to explore. Gamer can play their game and at a time they can also steam,record and also they can encode their gameplay not only that they can share on social media -all while surrounded by multiple screens for a 12K experience with up to 4 discrete graphics card…so isn’t that cool.

Intel is rolling out with there new partner Intel X299 chip-set motherboards with complete desktop systems.But the real draw is high end horsepower.


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