If you are a first time PC builder then choosing between solid state drive and a hard drive is difficult.Especially if you do not know the difference between an HDD and SSD.Some people purchase both of them and even then you will be needing to understand the importance of these to drive for the combination of your work smoothly. So here we are going to help you to understand the difference and importance of HDD vs SSD hard drive.

Top 8 Best Solid State Drive list 2018

NameAvailable capacitiesMax seq. read speedMax seq. write speedWarranty
Intel SSD 600p Series128GB, 256Gb, 512 GB, 1024GB1800 MB/s560 MB/s5 years
Intel 750 Series400GB, 800GB, 1200GB2,500 MB/s2,500 MB/s5 years
Toshiba OCZ RD400 Series128GB, 256Gb, 512 GB, 1024GB2,600 MB/s1,600 MB/s5 years
Samsung 960 EVO Series250 GB, 500GB, 1TB3,200 MB/s1,900 MB/s5 years
Samsung 960 PRO Series512 GB, 1024GB, 2048GB3,500 MB/s2,100 MB/s5 years
Sandisk X400512 GB, 1024GB, 2048GB 545 MB/s520 MB/s5 years
Samsung 850 EVO250 GB, 500GB, 1TB540 MB/s520 MB/s5 years
WD Blue M.2128GB, 256Gb, 512 GB, 1024GB545 MB/s525 MB/s3 years

Comparision Between HDD vs SSD – Best choice for a GAMER

What’s an HDD?

HDD is a short form of Hard Disk Drive. Basically, Hard drives mechanism is composed layers of spinning disk, securely packed inside a metal casing.It can read /Write very fast and smoothly. This entire process is very fast and sensitive. So you need to keep the drive safe from scratch or any roughness.It’s also important to keep the disk in a cool place where there will be no strong magnetic force, spills, or drops so that your disk is safe from any physical damage.Even a small amount of damage can occur a non-functional issue to your hard drive disk. But sometimes drives might put you into error or lost data problems.




For the past few decades, HDD has been used as a primary form of storage for the laptops or desktop PCs. Still, people use HDD as their storage because it comes at a cheap price.As hard drives give you the option to purchase highest storage capacities at the lowest price everyone goes with this drive at the beginning of their purchase of a new setup.


What’s an SSD?




Full form of SSD is Solid State Drive. SSD is named as a solid state because it doesn’t contain any kind of moving parts in it. But still, you need to avoid dropping them.As it causes more damage compared with HDD.You can damage or wipe out a hard drive using a magnet but you can’t damage an SSD using a magnet unless it conducts electric flow to it. Usually, SSD is quite small and flexible compared with HDD.It contains lots of memory chips and IC inside it. Nowadays SSD is taking place over HDD to the users. And its because they are more capable enough then HDD.But still, their storage capacity isn’t that much satisfying comparing with HDD.




Performance: HDD vs SSD

HDD hasn’t made any kind of speed improvement after it reached the benchmark of 7200 RPM. It was a standard RPM then and still its standard for an HDD. But on the other hand, SSD is getting more faster day by day. Especially if you are a PCIe SSD or M.2 SSD user.

So let’s see some of the benchmarks boot time of them

TPC world managed to test 7200 RPM HDD at 62.5 boot time which was over a single minute.But still, it depends on your PC’s age. On the other hand, SSD was available to give a result of 23.2 second boot time. Which is twice faster than HDD.

In Windows 8 and 10 they have added a ability for faster boot on HDD’s via UEFI but still, it’s not close enough comparing with SSD.


Beside this, any kind of applications or your favourite chat program will open in a second if you have an SSD card in your PC. Adding SSD card in your system is probably the best upgrade you will do so far.Upgrading in SSD from HDD can also revive old dead PC back in action. It’s like adding extra power to your PC setup.

Most importantly if you are a gamer then you will notice a huge change in your system. Games that were previously slow will open within a second and you will experience 2x faster speed in your gaming setup.

So if we are comparing SSD with HDD against performance then SSD will thrash a hard drive no doubt.

Storage capacity and price

Now things will get interesting. For an HDD how much are you paying for a gigabyte space?It’s not more than $.022 per gigabyte. Which is almost 2 cents per gigabyte.Even if you buy the best hard drive you will still have to pay 3 cents per gigabyte space. That means you can easily purchase a 3 TB HDD spending $66.

Now if we are thinking of buying SSD what will happen? The absolute value for per gigabyte space in an SSD is almost 25 cents. Which means you have to spend a dollar only for 4GB space. But unfortunately, you will have to buy a 2 TB SSD spending $500 where you can buy an HDD of 2 TB space spending $60-80 only.

So in terms of storage capacity, SSD loses the fight with HDD unless you are rich enough to ignore the circumstances.

Wrap UP

So do you know which of this type is best for gaming? Is it SSD or HDD? Well, it depends on certain circumstances.If you buy an SSD it will change your overall experience but you will experience lack of storage space.And if you have a huge steam library then might be able to fit a few titles on your SSD. On the other hand, if you own an HDD then you might not suffer this.

Many people choose to buy both SSD and HDD. As they use SSD for the operating system and main programs as well as for playing their favourite games. And HDD is used to store all other files and games. You can adjust them within $700 budget maximum.But if you are interested to buy only one it will depend on your interest.Now it’s your choice.

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