Free Online PC Games

If you are thinking that free online pc games are waste of your time than you need to think again. There are some incredibly good free online pc games. You Can play these free online pc games on your browser without any kind of download and install.

These free online pc games can give you instant thrill and excitement.Do you know that you can play 100+ Classic PC games on your browser? You can also play some of the best boardGames on your PC. So here is a list you free online pc games to enjoy the moment of gaming with a interactive fiction.

Best Free Online PC Games of 19th century

Prince of Persia

Here you will find a collection of 1000+ free online pc games. All these games are playable on to your PC browser. Here on MS-DOS collection (, you will find 4000+ free online pc games. Like Wolfenstein 3D, Prince of Persia, Jazz Jackrabbit, Carmen Sandiego etc.


Hearty Thanks to Shareware Past, first episode of the first Doom is playable in all browser. You don’t need any rundown of these game but you will find lots of demons, doors, switches and keycards. The only problem is that does not support any mouselook.



To keep your first-person shooting interesting The Seven Day Fps Competition was basically created. Entrants were given a week to create an experimental, high concept idea based game like superHot. This game was something which is completely new to the gamers. The elevator pitch was equally pitty and time starts to move along with your movement. When you are standstill all the scene freezes. Here you will get instantly focus on the men shooting genre. Here in this game playing shooting, reflex and reaction is not the primary demand its all about choreography and precision.


Dojo of Death

Dojo of Death is a sensible place for fighting to break out, although you have to get the bloody hell out from the nice wooden floors. Here you have to play the completely mouse-based game. You will find a guy who is fond of chopping people to bits. But he is not a butcher, its hyper-quick ninja beset of enemies. You can just click on any side with your ninja sword and slash any battle of ninjas.Dojo of Death is endless, tough and exciting. You have to click retry and retry but you will not regret a bit.

A Second Chance

This game is completely different and wonderful online browser game. A second chance is a game with full of buttons which enables funny things.Assume that you are on a NASA mission control and you have to help your team of astronauts plants. And you also need to explode a bomb on an incoming asteroid. This is quite simple and funny game to enjoy.The fantastic artwork is another good thing about these game.


QWOP is named with the keys to play these game. Using QW you can pump your sprinter’s thighs, OP is for arc the calves. Here you will experience like an alien which is placed inside a robotic human body. The result of these give is quite hilarious and tense. Like One leg will stretch out and the other will hop pathetically. Runners try to balance and slowly topple. It’s a quite amazing free online pc games.

In The End

Some People may be thinking that in the time of high graphics game why will you play this types old game. Then my answer is just to try one of these free online pc games and I bet you will not regret. Of course, playing modern games is more exciting and cool but sometimes you can try these old, simple games to relax your mind and have fun with the funny gaming moments. You will also realize how the gaming industry and technology of gaming is improving day by day.

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