What is life if not a gamble? This holds true in many contexts, and when it comes to the literal sense of gambling, it usually just means good old fashioned fun. Whether you like to hold your own poker nights, frequent local gaming house, or play online, there are multiple ways to enjoy this most ancient of past times. Nowadays, this even includes PS4 gambling games, and while the latest upcoming PS4 releases sadly don’t include new gaming house, there are still a few in particular that are a favorite for many.

Use the Best Free PS4 Games to Prepare for Online Money Earning

The Shift from Brick and Mortar to Online Games

As we all know, there is a gradual but ever constant shift from the brick and mortar world as we know it to the virtual one. When it comes to land-based gaming house, they still pull in a larger market share of hundreds of billions each year – especially in the United States due to the more stringent yet slowly changing laws as to which states can host their own online gaming house. However, even back at the start of the millennium, online gaming house were generating yearly revenues of more than $2 billion which is just a drop in the bucket compared to today.

The good news is that it isn’t a legal issue for U.S. citizens or most people from around the world to play on slots, poker and other popular games in the comfort of their own homes (or while hiding behind cubicles at work on their mobiles). Luckily for these folks there are certain sites with the top online gaming house recommendations that has everything you need to know about finding and turning the best promotions into hard cash regardless of your game of choice.

The Future of Gaming house

Now as mentioned, with more than 91.6 million PlayStation 4 sales as of January 2019, there are bound to be a few great PS4 casino games people can enjoy on their consoles which we’ll cover below. You can use these to really hone your skills as you can’t wager real money, but you can start the arduous task of learning the ins and outs of popular table games like poker, roulette, craps and more, in addition to finding strategic ways of playing online slots.

There is likely to be more casino based console games in the future, and it’s worth taking this into perspective while also considering where the future of online gaming house will take us. We already have live dealers of which there will be better and more advanced live gaming house (with multiple cameras). However, with the implementation of virtual reality, this will take the concept to a whole new level – and this also includes augmented reality. Other elements we’ll see improve will be live streaming, seamless transitions or smaller gaps between gaming house and sportsbooks, as well as more cryptocurrency friendly sites.

Anyway, for those ready to try out the best PS4 casino games and you’ve read enough dribble, below are the three top games you need to consider buying to practice your skills and turn the house edge in your favor:

Pure Hold’em

For those who just have a love for regular Texas Hold’em poker, this PS4 game is hard to beat. It doesn’t provide the full casino experience, but instead lets you become absorbed (not absolved unfortunately) into a futuristic, revolutionary version of the game – something that could have been cut from a scene of Tron Legacy. Created by VooFoo Studios it was the first ever Texas Hold’em game on PlayStation. There are six different multiplayer tables with players of differing skill levels so you can work your way up from a fish to a shark in the master’s league. You also have the option of open multiplayer or a private game with you and up to seven of your own friends. It’s a classy game for sure and one you’ll likely enjoy immensely if you’re a fan of Texas Hold’em.

Prominence Poker

Developed by Pipeworks Software, Prominence Poker is a completely different take on the hold’em genre. It’s a third person story like game designed to make you feel as if you belong in the mobster underworld with the goal of climbing the ranks and taking out ‘bosses’ at various levels and locations you wouldn’t want your mother to know about. What makes this different from any other poker game is that you can only move onto another ‘seedy’ location (i.e. a biker bar or backroom laundromat) once you’ve taken out all the players at a previous table.

The Four King Gaming house and Slots

Now for the full multiplayer gaming house experience, there isn’t a better PS4 game currently available. Here you get to dress the part as you choose and design your avatar to prowl the gaming house looking to mingle or play your favourite slots. Developed by Digital Leisure Inc. it’s the perfect rehearsal or ‘dry run’ for those who want to go from playing for free to playing for riches. It’s almost similar to the old Habbo Hotel PC game for those with long memories in that while you can’t win cash, what you do win can be used to upgrade your avatar and therefore your status. Here you can play a wide variety of slots, in addition to all the traditional table games like blackjack, roulette and poker, craps and more. The graphics could do with a face-lift, but you still get more of a virtual reality feel that isn’t as embossed in the other games.