Want your files to be protected? Then, don’t forget to create backups. This method helps to avoid the loss of documents without any extra effort. You will save more than one hour of your valuable time if having a backup. Nevertheless, some nuances regarding PSD files remain out of our sight and force us to take urgent measures. Have you lost the file forever or there is a chance to recover deleted files on MAC using cleverfiles.Let’s have a closer look at the ways of Photoshop files recovery.

Recover Photoshop (.PSD) File from Emptied Trash on Mac

What Is the Algorithm for Recovering a PSD File?

In fact, the algorithm for recovering a .PSD file is much easier than other possible alternatives (.jpg, .mp3, etc.). You only need to pay attention to the built-in functionality of the program Adobe Photoshop and make the appropriate changes in the settings.

Before you start using software to recover trash on MAC, you’re recommended to use the built-in functionality of Adobe Photoshop – the automatic saving service. This feature will not save a file that has already been lost but will reduce the number of losses in the future. It is a very useful feature. When the parameter is activated, Photoshop prompts the user to set the interval for creating save points within 5 to 60 minutes. Due to the flexibility of settings, you can work even in the conditions of regular departures of the program.

What Is Auto Recovery?

Automatic recovery is a built-in parameter of Adobe Photoshop, which is responsible for the safety of user files in the event of the emergency closure of the program. However, in rare cases, the function misfires and when you start a new application, there is no window providing a chance to continue working.

Having opened the folder, you will find the file of the PSB format, which contains information about the last work. To protect the document from permanent loss, create a backup copy and only then proceed to further work.


How to Use a Recovery Program to Get Back a PSD File?

When other tools lose productivity, there is only one way to solve the situation – the use of special recovery software. If you need to recover PSD file, you are recommended to use Disk Drill program. Whether the file was deleted, lost, or unsaved, this software will help to restore it. If your OS doesn’t see the necessary files any more it doesn’t mean that Disk Drill won’t find it either. It has a free and a pro version. This tool will help to save not only deleted graphics of the .jpg format, gif, and others, but also Adobe Photoshop projects.

How to recover photoshop file on MAC? You can do this quickly and effectively if you make it step by step following the guidelines below:

  • Run the Disk Drill Photo Recovery program.
  • Choose what drive you want to work with.
  • Start the scanning process (you can start from the quick scan and then proceed to the deep scan if the first one hasn’t helped).
  • If necessary, specify additional options.  Focus on the search for Photoshop work files.
  • Wait for the scan to complete.
  • Choose the necessary file and move to the next step.
  • Recover the chosen PSD file.

You shouldn’t recover unsaved photoshop files on MAC to the device, which you are restoring the project from. This error will lead to the beginning of the rewriting process and the permanent loss of the document.

Hope these tips will help you to get the lost files back quickly and effectively.