15 Cheap Gaming Keyboards for Budget Focused Pro Gamers!

Cheap Gaming Keyboards
Cheap Gaming Keyboards

When we think of a computer, we think about probably one of the greatest inventions and achievements of the modern world. A computer has a few very important elements to it – input, processing and output. Without each one of these, the others would become useless and the computer system, as a whole would become dysfunctional. Having said that, one of the most important input devices is the keyboard. Not only does it allow you to write words and sentences, it also let you create bits of strings of information vital to the being of the computer. That is, codes and programs.

Keyboard Key Type Switch Type Illumination Price
1 AULA LED Gaming Keyboard Membrane N/A Pink/red/blue backlight $23.75
2 Azio Levetron L70 Membrane N/A Blue backlight $23.95
3 Redragon ASURA K501 Membrane N/A Red/green/yellow/orange/purple/pink/blue backlight $33.99
4 Redragon S101 VAJRA Membrane N/A 5 LEDs under keyboard $24.99
5 Razer BlackWidow Expert Mechanical Razer None $89.98
6 Cm Storm Quickfire Ultimate Mechanical Cherry MX White backlight $64.55
7 Logitech G710+ Mechanical Cherry MX Dual-zone white backlight $64.99
8 Logitech Wireless K800 Membrane N/A White backlight $63.99
9 Redragon Karura K502 Membrane N/A Red/green/yellow/orange/purple/pink/blue backlight $23.68
10 DBPOWER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Cherry MX Blue Red/green/purple backlight $69.24
11 Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Cherry MX Blue Red/green/yellow/orange/purple/pink/blue backlight $56.99
12 Tt eSports Poseidon z Mechanical Cherry MX Brown Full RGB backlight $94.99
13 Tomoko 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard Mechanical Cherry MX Blue Red/green/yellow/orange/purple/pink/blue backlight $37.99
14 EagleTec KG011 Mechanical Cherry MX Blue Blue backlight $45.99
15 Havit HV-KB378L Mechanical Cherry MX Blue Red/green/yellow/orange/purple/pink/blue backlight $89.99


Another amazing thing you can do with the keyboard, and probably the most entertaining thing, is gaming. Gaming is one of the best parts of a computer nowadays. Needless to say, the gaming industry is worth billions of dollars. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are keyboards built just for the purpose of gaming.


So what makes a keyboard a gaming keyboard? Specifically designed to offer gamers more functionality, higher levels of performance and comfort during extended periods of heavy use, gaming keyboards make it a top priority to be appealing for gaming, while not being the best option for typing out essays. They generally come with backlit buttons, LCD screens and unique key layouts made specifically for gaming. This layout is highly important when it comes to ergonomics, because a fraction of a second here and there can make all the difference between victory and defeat. Programmable keys and shortcuts means you can customize your own key-mapping. Gaming keyboards are, more often than not, more responsive and sensitive than regular keyboards, giving players more satisfying and faster responses.

There are many aspects which make a gaming keyboard differ from a typing keyboard or an office keyboard. The list below contains some of the features which make a keyboard a gaming keyboard:


Extra Keys: Gaming keyboards contain many keys which can be re-mapped according to the user’s needs. These come to use particularly most when playing large-scale games like MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online).

Gaming Mode: Oftentimes, we find ourself pressing buttons or button combinations which lead to dismay. For example, the “Alt+Tab” combination takes you straight to the desktop and the “Alt+F4” command closes the application you’re on entirely. A gaming mode on these keyboards features a lock function which prevent these button combinations from disrupting your gameplay. Much like the “safety” on a pistol or revolver.


LED Backlighting:  Fancy lights behind the keys make for a very attractive look on a keyboard. Although extravagant lighting isn’t all very necessary, it does create the right atmosphere for a night of hacking, slashing and shooting.

Mechanical switches:
Mechanical switches under the buttons allow for faster, more precise keystrokes, not to mention a higher level of satisfaction when pressing the buttons thanks to tactile feedback. Mechanical keyboards, on the down side, are thicker and larger in size than normal rubber dome membrane switch keyboards.



Higher-end gaming keyboards have a feature called N-key Rollover, which make it possible for the computer to register input for all buttons at once. Similar to multi-touch on modern touchscreens.

Dedicated Macro keys: You can reassign certain settings on one-click on many gaming keyboards. Set custom keyboard profiles and load them up as necessary depending on the specific game or activity.


Media controls: Although this is something prevalent on most keyboards nowadays whether it is a gaming keyboard or not, media controls are important for controlling video, audio or even shortcuts to your social networks like Facebook or Twitter so you can show off your achievements and highscores straight away.

On-board display: If you’re willing to spend some extra money, you can purchase keyboards with LCD screens or even trackpads on them. With these, you can view game statistics, system info, video playback, image slideshows and so on. Imagine watching YouTube tutorials as you’re playing or even group video chat output when conferencing with your mates. This requires a lot of money to produce of course, so don’t expect a feature like this to be prevalent in all gaming keyboards.


As you’ve probably figured out by now, gaming keyboards come in all sizes and forms, and vary a lot in terms of pricing as well. But if you wanna go all out on a massive spree on League of Legends or nuke some opponents on Call of Duty and don’t wanna break the piggy bank, we have just the right gaming keyboards for you.We present to you, 15 cheap gaming keyboards for budget focused pro gamers.

AULA LED Gaming Keyboard

The first entry into our list of cheap gaming keyboards is the AULA LED Gaming Keyboard, which, as the name suggests, is a RGB backlit keyboard which will set you apart not even 20 US dollars. It’s a simple, to-the-point piece of tech and you can’t go wrong with it. It features pink, red and blue lights under the buttons, which are all brightness-adjustable. The keys are made out of plastic and smooth to the touch, so using this thing should be a breeze for absolutely anyone. However, they don’t come with silicone padding like higher-end keyboards do, but that is expected since the makers of this looked to cut corners when it came to the price. That being said, key presses are still fairly quiet, so it won’t be a bother to anyone else around you and your mum won’t scold you as hard as she would when she sees you gaming hours after hours. We hope. This product has received thousands of positive buyer reviews on Amazon and this keyboard is an absolutely amazing deal for your money.

Azio Levetron L70

If red and pink aren’t your thing, and you want just a blue backlight on your keyboard, this is the keyboard for you. An easy alternative to the AULA LED Gaming Keyboard, the Azio Levetron L70 is a good choice if you’re looking at other options. It’s very similar to the AULA except it features just blue LEDs. It comes with a wrist support too. So if you’re a regular victim of carpal tunnel, this will protect your hands from aching up. Additionally, this one has a very handy volume adjustment knob so that you can turn your in-game sounds down when you need to or turn up the music when you’re really feeling it. This gaming keyboard is definitely worth checking out.


Redragon ASURA K501

The reason this keyboard makes it into our list is because it gives you the luxury of programmable keys without having to spend a lot of money. The Redragon ASURA K501 comes loaded with 8 programmable macro keys in addition to 116 standard keys. With the touch of a single button, you can do what would’ve normally taken you a few separate clicks. It also disables the WIN key, a key that brings up the start menu. Thanks to this, you can keep playing and not stop suddenly at the moment when your teammates need you the most. Programmable keys are therefore a must-have feature for some gamers, so you can already see the appeal of this product. The support of 7 different colours as backlight only increases this appeal. And consider this situation, you’re deep into gaming when suddenly you accidentally spill your soda onto the keyboard. In a regular circumstance, not only would you lose your game, your keyboard would also be destroyed. Well that isn’t a fear you’ll need to have with the Redragon ASURA K501. This gaming keyboard is splash resistant so the drink will simply flow through the drain holes and away from the internals, thereby saving your device, and saving your win-streak in the process. This feature is gold for something so cheap.If you are intersted to buy best gaming desk you can check it out .


Redragon S101 VAJRA

Keeping with the Redragon theme, this one is a combo deal product. For under 30 USD, you will receive this keyboard as well a great gaming mouse for the price. It features 104 regular keys as well as 19 non-conflict keys and 12 multimedia keys. Perfect for when you’re listening to a playlist on Spotify or your music is on shuffle and you need to skip to the next track. Or even if you need to pause the podcast you’re currently on and concentrate on shooting some bad guys. The WASD keys and arrow keys are adorned with bright red, and here’s why: they’re interchangeable as per your controls. The fact that the keyboard is also splash-proof makes this one of the best deals out there right now.

Razer BlackWidow Expert

If there’s one rule when choosing a keyboard for gaming, it’s that you should always opt for a mechanical keyboard whenever you can. Sure, membrane keyboards may be lighter and easier to maneuver around, but they just don’t make the cut in terms of response and user satisfaction. Normally, mechanical keyboards are much costlier than standard keyboards, but keyboards like the Razer BlackWidow Expert go to show that there are a few cheap options when it comes to going mechanical. Razer is a popular name in the world of computer accessories, so it’s no surprise that Razer produces and uses their own key switches on their new mechanical keyboards. Honestly, they’ve done a pretty decent job.The tactile feedback feels amazing, and as a good mechanical keyboard should, it feels very responsive to the press. With the help of the Synapse software, you can customize literally all the keys on this keyboard, including five recordable macro keys. A 10-key rollover system allows for up to ten commands at the same time. You should know however, that you need a well-lit room when you’re using this keyboard as this one does not come with any backlighting. When you take into account that mechanical keyboards which do have backlighting starts at double the price, you can understand the lack of backlighting on this one.



CM Storm Quickfire Ultimate


Mechanical keyboards featuring Cherry MX switches have been around for a long time. They’re well known for their backlit mechanical keyboards and once you start using one, it’s said that it’s really difficult to stop using them. If you’re someone like that and can’t let go of the beloved Cherry MX switches, we’ve got the right keyboard for you. The CM Storm quickFire Ultimate is the best budget gaming keyboard and has all the things we love about Cherry MX. They come in three variants – blue, brown and red and each have features specific only to themselves. The blue Cherry MX switches have audible key presses and a clicky bump, making for a very satisfying approach to gaming. The brown variant has medium resistance and a tactile feedback system, but is less audible. The red one, however, has little to no resistance and the keys are very very smooth, requiring very little effort to press and producing very little noise. A mixture of variety, choice and functionality makes this keyboard a very very good gaming keyboard.


Logitech G710+

Looking for an even cheaper option for a mechanical keyboard? Look no further. The Logitech G710+ has to be the cheapest choice when it comes to gaming on a mechanical keyboard while also being able to provide you with awesome gaming capabilities. As all the other products on this list, this keyboard is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OS. But the best thing about this keyboard has to be that it can be purchased with Cherry MX switches – in either brown or blue.


Logitech Wireless K800

In today’s world, almost everything is going wireless. Keyboards and mice are no exception. However, “gaming” and “wireless” don’t really go together. When you’re gaming, you want your signals and responses to go through wires so that they’re 100% lag free; even a few milliseconds delay can make all the difference. Having said that, some people may choose to opt for a wireless keyboard for various reasons. If you fall in that category of people, we’ve got you covered. The Logitech Wireless K800 is a backlit keyboard which is very durable and has battery life for days. Ten days, to be exact. One feature about this keyboard which is absolutely amazing is that can sense your hands when they are nearby or if they’re away and automatically adjust the backlight brightness to save power. So pick up this keyboard, lay back on your couch and start gaming.



Redragon Karura K502

Redragon brings to you the best keyboard option for your first gaming setup. The Karura K502 is a very cool keyboard – slim with smooth, soft, quiet keys which are also backlit. Select up to 4 colours from a rainbow 7, as well your own pulsing rate and brightness level. 12 multimedia keys and custom key assigning means the laser engraved keys are functional to its fullest. Being probably the best backlit keyboard, you’ll need only a small initial time to get used to this fully RGB keyboard. But then, it will surely become your best friend when gaming.



DBPOWER Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Inside an alloy aluminium chassis sit a set of completely waterproof keys in the DBPOWER  Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Boasting 12 multimedia keys and six backlight colours with different brightness levels for each, this keyboard is nothing short on features and works very well as a gaming keypad. Not to mention design-wise, it’s very ergonomic. Also, you don’t have to worry about spilling anything on this as any sort of liquid won’t affect it. It’s a plug-and-play device and will not require the installation of any annoying driver or software. Plug this in, and get gaming right away.



Pictek 104 Keys Anti-ghosting Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Durability is the main concern in this keyboard. With both waterproof and dustproof technologies, this one is the best option for both if you’re too lazy to clean your hardware and don’t mind a layer of dust on them, as well as if you like to give your hardware a good wash every now and then. In addition, the keys are fully removable so cleaning this should be very easy. Pictek has made this keyboard with very high quality material and according to them, this product will last for at least 50 million key presses. A mixture of ABS plastic and metal makes sure this keyboard won’t slide around your gaming rig when you’re mashing buttons. This is one of the top gaming keyboards and won’t let you down.



Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z

The name gives it away straight out of the box. This product is designed specifically for the eSports crowd. The manufacturer claims the switches on this keyboard are more responsive than any other types of switches in the market today. That’s a bold claim, but when you get to know this keyboard is fully eSports certified, that might make sense. Features here include multimedia keys, anti-ghosting capabilities and LED lights under each and every one of the buttons. Also, a gold-plated USB cable means zero latency. This one checks all the boxes ready to bring out the eSports-man inside you.



Tomoko 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard

Tomoko 87

If your gaming setup is mostly small and simplistic, this keyboard from Tomoko might be a good buy for you. It falls in the category of small mechanical keyboards, but it’s big on features. It features anti-ghosting on the keys, and the custom mechanical switches on here are very durable. A wide variety of operating system compatibility added with a very ergonomic, water-resistant design makes this a solid bet for any gamer. 12 shortcut keys are also there, so it will give you all the features of a good gaming keyboard while not consuming a lot of space on your desk.



EagleTec KG011

Eagle tec KG

This one looks absolutely gorgeous. Featuring an all-white design and a bright LED backlighting, it not only looks good but performs to the mark as well. All the 104 keys are plate-mounted, concave and 100% anti-ghosted. You can also interchange the WASD and arrow keys. There are also twelve dual action F keys. Using them, you can gain quick access to the programs you use the most and functions such as volume, muting or skipping to the next song. The feet under the keyboard is adjustable, so you can set it to the perfect angle. It pulls off the white very well and at the same time provides you with all you need to game. If your setup is white-oriented, go for it right now.




Havit HV-KB378L

The very last item on our list promises to take your gaming to the very next level. Higher precision  and faster speed gives you an amazing experience when gaming. Design wise, it has a solid build quality accompanied by rubber feet under the keyboard and a comfortable armrest below so as to reduce fatigue. The floating keys are all backlit with 10 RGB modes, including a 7-colour breathing mode, always-on mode, mixed-colour flowing mode and more. It supports N-key rollover, so it doesn’t matter how many buttons you hit at the same time – they will all register. Easy access to your mail, calculator, controls as well as audio/video settings is all possible thanks to its multimedia keys, and there is also a pro-gamer mode which lets you customize up to 5 default modes by pressing FN+1 through 5. Highly rated in the gaming community, this is complete bang-for-your-buck.

So there you are. Our list of cheap gaming keyboards will surely help you find the perfect accessory to your gaming without having to take a trip to the ATM. All these have all the features necessary for the best gaming experience no matter what your needs or desires. A gamer’s greatest weapon in his arsenal is by far his gamepad, so with a good gaming keyboard, not only will you gain a vital edge over your opponent, you’ll also be very popular in your local gaming society. So go ahead, pick any item from this list, and get gaming right now!

Which one’s your favourite? Do you prefer any other keyboard? Don’t hesitate to mention it in the comment section below!


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