For some people, video games are an avenue to escape the grueling daily grind of life. You can be anything you want, and have anything you want. That is when you have the right amount of currency. All games have some form of money system for the trade of goods and services. From OSRS gold to FFXIV’s Gil, it’s a given in most games you play.

However, there will be times when you have too little. Farming isn’t a choice for you maybe because of lack of time or you’re burnt out. What do you do then? You buy the currency! We’ll tell you how to buy gold for Old School Runescape.

How to Buy OSRS Gold

Simply go on any player-to-player trading site, such as PlayerAuctions, and register. Fix up your payment options, so you’ll be able to pay for your in-game currency. Browse for the cheapest deals to get the most bangfor your buck. The next part needs communication with the seller to meet in-game. Set a time and in-game place to meet, get the gold, and confirm the delivery. Registration and various other things may vary depending on the site, but the rest will be similar.

Of course, there’s also the option to go the way of the marketplace chat of the game. This method is rather risky, as gold selling is a ban-able offense in many games, especially OSRS. The same can be said for some forums. A general rule of thumb for those is if it has a section on actual gold-selling (not a section to report gold selling, mind), it’s alright to find a seller there.

The Benefits of Buying Gold from a Site

All traders are afraid of one thing: scammers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a buyer or a seller. On one side you might pay for nothing, and on the other, you might not get paid. Sites mitigate this through some form of reputation system for their buyers and/or sellers. You’ll be able to check whether a trader is rated well, which reflects their buying/selling habits.

Having a site as a middleman also increases your privacy and security. Sites have very good encrypting technology to keep data safe. It would be bad for business if they get successfully attacked by hackers, right? So, of course, they would invest in the toughest encryption technology and take security risks seriously.

The last benefit of choosing to buy from sites is a guaranteed time of delivery. Without it, it would be so easy to just take the money and run, isn’t it? This feature, while still prone to human error, binds the seller to keep their word of speedy delivery. Otherwise, their reputation will take a hit and their buyers would start flocking elsewhere or, at the very least, start to hesitate.

Safety and Other Notes

How do you know if a site is safe? There are a few ways to tell. One is through customer reviews. Of course, nothing is perfect, so you won’t really see a real-life 5-star site. What matters is that the good reviews outnumber the bad.

Another way is how long they’ve been running. If you think about it, a site run by scammers won’t last long, since the customers will warn others before it could gain any traction. Not to mention the costs of running it will soon outweigh their profits. Now, if a site has been running for years, with good reviews and has a solid community, you know it’s a good site to deal with.

So go out there and get buying! Most of these sites also offer currency for other games (such as Runescape gold or PoE currency), as well as items, powerleveling, and even keys and codes. The best site that fits all the criteria is PlayerAuctions. Go and check it out.

Happy shopping!