The professionals in the field of IT who have taken one or two certification exams are familiar with braindumps. Exam dumps are a compilation of past exam questions with answers. These compilations are usually done by those individuals who have taken the certification test before. They compile these questions and send them to online platforms that offer them for sales to other candidates who want to write the same exam. Before we go ahead, let us establish the fact that many exam vendors frown at the use of braindumps for their tests. However, that needs another discussion. In this certification guide, we will explore the usefulness and benefits of exam dumps in preparing for the Cisco CCIE 400-151 Exam Dumps . Before we go ahead, let us take a look at the general overview of the exam.

Pass Cisco 400-151 Exam

Overview of the Cisco 400-151 exam

The Cisco 400-151 CCIE Data Center exam validates the expert level knowledge and skills of candidates to plan, implement, design, troubleshoot and operate intricate Data Center infrastructure. The test evaluates the student’s capability to understand the specific prerequisites of Data Centers, their ability to convert into device configurations and how different components interact within Data Center.

The 400-151 exam is written and lasts 2 hours. It presupposes that the individuals diagnose, troubleshoot and configure sequence of multifaceted Data Center environments for a certain specification. The candidates are required to have extensive knowledge of troubleshooting and diagnosis. This is because they willneed to diagnose and provide solutions to specific issues. The test is made up of 90-110 questions and you have a total of 120 minutes to completethem. Itis available only in English andthe students can register and schedule for it at Pearson VUE website.

Additionally, it is important to mention that an Evolving Technologies segment has been added to the written exam. This will allow the test takers to bridge core technology expertise with the knowledge of evolving technologies being adopted in the quick pace field of technology. These evolving technologies include network programmability, IoT and Cloud. The Cisco 400-151 exam has been standardized: it covers three different sub-domains and five tasks. The required depth of knowledge in these areas will be centered on the conceptual comprehension of the task contents. The Evolving Technologies part of the exam accounts for a total of 10% of the total scores and the remaining 90% covers the core technologies of the certification scope.

The topics that will be evaluated during the Cisco 400-151 exam involve Cisco Data Center L2 and L3 Connectivity; Data Center Storage Compute and Networking; Cisco Data Center Network Services; Data Center Fabric Infrastructure; Data Center Orchestration & Automation; and Evolving Technologies. It is essential to mention that the above topics are just general guidelines for the likely contents to be included in the certification test. There may be other topics that are related to the certification scope that may appear during the exam. It is therefore important that the candidates study wider than the exam topics in order to increase their chances of success at the test. In addition to this, the exam topics come with certain percentage that reflects the weight of exam questions to expect. You should check the certification page to know the specific percentage for each topic.

Having established the overview of the Cisco 400-151 certification test, let us look at how helpful braindumps are to the success of the exam candidates.

Braindumps for the Cisco 400-151 exam

There are hundreds of sites that offer exam dumps for the Cisco 400-151 test. Now, let us take a pause and ruminate over this. First of all, if the test takers are not purchasing brain dumps, most of these sites would have shut down. Secondly, if exam dumps did not work for the candidates, they would not keep buying it and they would write some terrible reviews about braindumps. Based on these two obvious realities, we can simply conclude that those studentswho are using examdumps see value in them. In other words, exam dumps are helpful to the candidates preparing for their certification tests.

Now, the issue of legality and breach of a non-disclosure agreement is a different ball game entirely. According to the exam providers, the applicants are not required to use exam dumps to prepare for their tests. The idea behind this prohibition is that using braindumps for preparation is like cheating in the exam. This is because dumps are real test questions that have been used by other candidates. Therefore, using them means that you have an undue advantage over other test takers.

Another school of thoughts that oppose the use of exam dumps for exampreparation believes that using them is not good because you don’t develop real competence when preparing this way. Really, if you don’t improve competence and skills in the certification contents, there is no way you can perform in a real life job environment. Therefore, if you want to apply your certification for a real job, you should take time to study up on the exam topics and develop skills and competence to help you work effectively.


No doubt, exam dumps are great tools to prepare for your test. It minimizes the time you have to spend studying because you have the real exam questions to work with. Many test takers have used it and excel in their exams. However, you should be careful not to be carried away with the ease that these materials offer to you. You still need to take time to cover the exam topics in order to develop your competence and skills. If you are looking for some platforms where you can find genuine and up-to-date braindumps, you should check PrepAway, Exam-Labs andExamSnap. They have some great tools to help you with your exam preparation.