Blackjack is a staple table game as it is one of the most sought-after card games of all time. And over time, more and more people are seeking out the magical number 21 in online gambling sites.

The rules of blackjack are not that complicated. However, many players lack the needed knowledge to make the most out of the game to bring home the pot.

The soft 17 rule is one of the essential rules to know for anyone serious about mastering blackjack. But what exactly is this rule?

An overview of the basic rules

Before getting into a deep discussion of the soft 17 rule, it is essential to understand the basic elements of blackjack.

Basically, any player aims to reach the magical 21 number. Since it is impossible to reach this number every time, then the second-best option is to reach the nearest number to it without going over. This means a 20 is better than a 22 despite both numbers being the closest to 21. Going over, after all, will cause the player to lose the bet.

Understanding card values are also important. Fortunately, the card values are easy to comprehend. Cards from number 2 to 9 are worth their face value while cards from 10 through K all are valued at 10. This means a five is counted as five while Q is counted as 10.

The Ace card has two possible values: 1 or 11. How an Ace is counted depends on the situation.

Understanding Soft 17

If the Ace is worth 1, then the hand is not soft. On the other hand, an Ace valued as 11 means that it is a soft hand. So, what’s a soft 17?

Soft 17 pertains to card combination that totals to 17 if the Ace is valued as 11. For example, an Ace and 7 is a soft 17. Likewise, any card combination that uses 11 as the value for the card is a soft number such as soft 18, soft 19 and so forth.

One, however, has to remember that the soft 17 rule is not limited to two cards. It can, after all, be in a three-card appearance as long as the total value of the cards is 17 and the Ace takes the value of 11.

Understanding the Soft 17 is crucial as this aspect of the game is where many newbies to the world of blackjack fail. The basic rule to remember is that players should never stand on a soft 17, which is best understood if one reads this comprehensive guide.