Best Zombie Games

While Best Zombie Games isn’t technically its own genre, it’s safe to say it’s become one of the most popular forms of gaming out there. People thoroughly enjoy blasting through legions of the unread in one format or another, to the point that even ordinary shooters like Call Of Duty have zombie modes (as you undoubtedly already know).

It just so happens that zombies can also make for some of the best simple games also. Just as taking on zombies in a beautiful and highly interactive shooter can be satisfying, there’s something fun about almost passively knocking them out as you click your way through a browser arcade game. And for that reason we thought we’d highlight some of the best of them.

Best Zombie Games that You Can Play Online


Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Zombies has taken off as a mobile brand in a big way. The mobile game was a huge hit, the sequel may have been even bigger, and now there are spinoff concepts on major consoles. There are now Plants vs. Zombies toys being sold, and no one would be surprised to see an animated film (as we did for Angry Birds). But before all that, this was just a popular browser-based tower defense game. Somewhat amusingly, one of the online descriptions of the game teased that “you will find yourself playing for hours.” They had no idea how big the game would ultimately become.


Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

Certainly one of the more popular online zombie games (hosted at various arcade sites), Boxhead The Zombie Wars is a brilliant action/strategy game, and actually the fifth in a Boxhead series. In terms of its basic setup, it’s really no different than a lot of other zombie games. But appealing animation and, in this fifth version, more strategic elements (like building up your own base for the apocalypse) make it stand out.


Lost Vegas

Perhaps the most unique game on this list, Lost Vegas is actually a Microgaming-designed slot arcade that we found hosted at an Irish slot arcade site. Obscure thoug hit may be, it describes itself as having “genuine flesh-eating, apocalypse-type zombies” that are causing havoc in Las Vegas. It’s not as action-packed as shooter or strategy games, mind you, but if what you like about zombie gaming is the sense of atmosphere, it’s one to check out. There’s something oddly satisfying about busting up apocalyptic monsters by way of lucking out on the slot wheel.


The Breach

The Breach is kind of an old-school game in that it’s a side-scrolling shooter with DOOM-like blood splatter and a generally dark aesthetic. But it’s a ton of fun. Sometimes compared to the far more sophisticated Dead Space, it’s a game that sets you up as a daring spaceman sent into the depths of a ship to investigate why there are no forthcoming communications. Encountering the undead in the ship, you have to do the only logical thing: start blasting them all to bits.


13 Days In Hell

Sometimes all you want in a zombie game is the chance to mow down waves of enemies for as long as you possibly can before you run out of ammunition (or, you know, life). 13 Days In Hell can be found as part of a whole category of zombie games at, but it’s probably the most enjoyable of the bunch. You enjoy a first-person vantage point and face more enemies with each passing level, upgrading your weaponry as you go. For pure destruction and survival challenge, you can’t find a better game on the internet.


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