10 Best YouTube Gaming Channels of 2018 that You MUST Follow!!!

10 Best YouTube Gaming Channels

YouTube, and American video sharing website, is known all over the world. There is no such video that cannot be found on YouTube. Starting from cooking, repairing your electronics, hilarious things caught on camera, news etc. all are available on YouTube. In this article, I will be discussing videos on Video Games on YouTube and have put out a list of 10 best YouTube Gaming Channels for you to follow. These channels will provide you with gameplays, hilarious moments in the game, glitches found in them, reviews and a lot more.

10 Best YouTube Gaming Channels 2018



If you are making a list of best YouTubers, YouTube gamers or the YouTubers with the top subscribers, then you have to mention Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie. The most subscribers’ holder (54 million+), this Swedish YouTuber not only does vlogs but also well known for his Let’s play commentaries. He plays all sorts of video games, they can be on PC, consoles or even on androids. His gameplays are unique, hilarious and a lot of fun. If you are looking to pass a good time in the YouTube, he will surely let you have a great laugh. Among his most popular videos are the funny montages and horror video gameplays (with his hilarious reactions).




The second YouTuber on our list is the channel VanossGaming, run by Evan Fong. The Canadian YouTuber currently holds over 20 million subscribers after joining in 2011. Unlike PewDiePie, Evan only makes videos of gameplay on his channel. Here he with his friends play multiple games online. Jokes, hilarious moments, gameplay glitches and tons of other funny moments makes his channel one of the best gaming YouTube channels. Among his videos, the most popular is the Sandbox gameplays which he made with his friends. You can also find animated versions of some of his videos, made even more hilarious. In his let’s play series, Grand Theft Auto 5 holds the most views on average.




Markplier, the third on our list, is run by Mark Edward Fischbach, the American (Originally from Honolulu Hawaii) YouTuber, who is well known for his extremely funny gameplays and charity works. He is known as a generous and kind person among his fans and subscribers. Moreover, he finishes the whole game and uploads it. He started his channel only a few years ago in 2012 and has boosted through the ratings. In only just 4 years he has subscribers’ count of more than 17 million.

Furthermore, as per his channel, he has currently raised over one million dollars in charity ($1,118,645.14 as of 15th April 2017). Among his most viewed videos are Five Nights at Freddy’s gameplay and animated remake of some of his videos. With a good host voice, Mark has become very popular among his fans.


With over 17 million subscribers, Samuel de Luque with his YouTube channel Vegetta777 is having a successful run as a Let’s Play commentator since 2008. However, his videos are in Spanish and this the only Spanish YouTube channel on my list. He is the second most famous YouTuber in Spain. Apart from posting gaming videos, he also has written several books making a five books saga with Willyrex. If you are looking for another Spanish commentator for gameplay then the Willyrex is the first channel to consider.



For a more console-oriented gaming channel on YouTube, outside box does its job best. They post daily videos on Xbox One and Xbox 360 games, give reviews, shows gameplay, pros and cons, gives top lists of different perspectives, achievements, gameplay objectives etc.

The channel is filled with lots of interesting videos for you to pass your YouTube time with pleasure. This channel has fans who don’t even have an Xbox. Among their videos the most popular are the ones which consist, the number of reasons or things that happened or you want to do or you can’t do in a video game. In the hosts, we find, Andy Farrant, Mike Channell and Jane Douglas.



Gameranx is also one of the interesting channels which not only shows gameplay but also discusses pros and cons, gives you an overview even on games (without spoilers) before buying them. This completely gaming oriented channel discusses facts, hacks, top lists and many other funny happenings in video games.

Furthermore, if you are looking on buying a video game on your PC or consoles, then I would recommend visiting their channel and watching a “before you buy” video before buying the game, where they first discuss some pros and cons, later the host gives his personal opinion and let you choose whether or not to buy the game. They are one of the best channels for gaming news, reviews and feature contents.




Just like the previous channel, Gamespot is also highly oriented in video gaming. As per their info on YouTube “We live, eat, breathe and probably do lots of other things with video games that shouldn’t be allowed in polite society”.

They are also well known for giving game reviews, criticizing or giving good comments on upcoming or released video games. They have a dedicated website on publishing everything about video gaming. They upload videos daily following a schedule. For example, new releases and reboots on Sunday, daily news on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and finally giving you an overall best 5 stories from the news on Friday. They also held weekly live events on Wednesday. All of these are on video games.




Like Gamespot, IGN is also well-known for giving game reviews (scoring them out of 10). This channel is one of the best places to get game reviews, trailers, and walkthroughs. Not only gaming, they often give reviews on latest movies. IGN is a games and entertainment media company operated by IGN Entertainment Inc. Moreover, they publish movie reviews, IGN first – where they show gameplay of different games before release and news. They also have 11 more featured channels each with their own specifications. If the YouTube channels don’t suffice you can visit their website





My personal favorite for getting good and honest video games and movies reviews, is the YouTube channel AngryJoeShow. Run by Joe Vargas, the YouTuber of this channel, has a unique way of presenting the reviews and as the name suggests (Angry Joe), he really throws out all his anger when the correspondent game is very badly made. However, if the game is well made and finely released, his reviews stands up for it.

Moreover, he gives separate reviews on movies, one with spoilers and the other with less spoilers as possible. If you are confused with buying a game, or choosing what latest movies to watch, I recommend visiting his channel. Furthermore, he also holds a massive online gaming community “Angry army”. They often partake in online gameplay.


Smosh Games

The “Honest Game Trailers”, is what makes Smosh Games one of my favorite YouTube channel. Other than that, they share gameplays, funny moments, shows and other videos. They have lots of variety in their videos that are posted in their channel. They also stream live videos of different activities such as gameplays, VR multiplayers, activities held among themselves etc. If you enjoy watching them, then there are ten more featured channels to go through.


In conclusion

There are countless more channels to follow. While making this list, I didn’t only consider the number of subscribers but also added one or two personal favorites and those which surely help you get a good analysis on games and have a lot of laughter and entertainment while watching videos on YouTube. Lots of different channels giving priorities on different aspects of gaming, some are highly gameplay oriented and some are very diverse. Most of these channels aren’t the work of a single man. They are brought up by hard works of many people on different fields, such as editing, filming, commentary and the gameplay itself etc. All in all, these channels will surely provide you with ideas on what game to buy, how to enjoy yourself while playing them and a great time watching videos on YouTube.