The computer is easily one of the best inventions ever. In today’s modern world, we can thank computers for literally almost everything. The computer cannot be a computer without a few important aspects though. These are input, processing and output devices. If any of these elements weren’t there individually, the computer would not work altogether. One of the most important input devices that is absolutely essential in a computer is the keyboard. So it is just that you need to know Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50.

One of the more entertaining things you can do with computers and keyboards is gaming. Gaming is one of the best things related to computers these days, resulting in an industry worth billions. Having said that, it is absolutely no surprise that there are computer equipment and accessories built just for the purpose of gaming. Same goes for keyboards. More specifically, gaming keyboards.


Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50

Image NameBacklightKeys
TOMOKO Mechanical KeyboardBlue87
Cooler Master Devastator IIRed104
BlueFinger Mechanical Keyboard 3 LED colors104
Razer DeathStalker ExpertGreen/Blue104
EagleTec KG1010 Mechanical Keyboard Blue 104
HAVIT Rainbow Keyboard RGB112
CORSAIR K55 KeyboardRGB112
Redragon K501 KeyboardRGB108
Azio Levetron L70Blue 87


A keyboard is a device which lets you do infinite things. Starting from simple things like sending emails to more complex things like creating more and more computers and applications by typing in a bit of string of code, the keyboard is without a doubt a very important part of a computer.

Gaming keyboards come in all sizes and forms, and they do vary a lot in terms of pricing as well. However, if you don’t want to go all out nuking your opponents on Call of Duty or go on a massive killing spree on League of Legends but do not want to break the piggy bank, we have just the right products for you.


#1.AULA LED Gaming Keyboard

AULA LED Gaming Keyboard

The LED Gaming keyboard from AULA is the first entry into our list of best gaming keyboards under $50. But don’t be mistaken, this device is not by any means poor. As the name suggests, it is a keyboard which features backlighting – with pink, blue and red lights under the buttons and all of which are brightness-adjustable. Using it is a breeze, as the plastic keys are very smooth to the touch.


They don’t feature silicone padding like the more expensive options for keyboards, but that’s no big deal considering the price of the device. Nevertheless, key presses are still fairly quiet, so it won’t bother anyone else around you and your mum won’t scold you as hard as she usually does when she sees you gaming for hours.

We hope. All in all, having received thousands of positive reviews from buyers on Amazon, this keyboard is absolutely an amazing deal for your money.


#2.Azio Levetron

Azio Levetron

If you’re still one of the few people who reckon pink and red is “too girly”, or even if you just want a blue light under your buttons, the Azio levetron is the best budget gaming keyboard for you. This one is an easy alternative to the AULA LED Gaming Keyboard, and it’s a very good choice overall. It’s very similar to it when it comes to features, but it comes with wrist support too.

So if you’re a regular victim of carpal tunnel, this keyboard will protect your hands from aching up. In addition to that, it comes with a very handy volume adjustment knob. So if you need to turn the in-game sounds down when you need to, or turn up the music when you’re really feeling it, this circular knob should really appeal to you. This keyboard is definitely worth checking it right now.


#3.Redragon S101 VAJRA

The Redragon company is one which is growing in popularity day by day.They make some of the best cheap gaming keyboards out there in the market. So no surprise this product from Redragon, the S101 VAJRA gaming keyboard, is one which is a favourite amongst gamers. Mainly because of the fact that this is a combo deal. You will not only receive a good gaming keyboard, but with it a decent gaming mouse for the price of one. The S101 VAJRA features 104 regular keys as well as 19 more non-conflict keys and 12 more multimedia keys.

Redragon S101 VAJRA

These will come to great use when you’re listening to a playlist on Spotify or your music is on shuffle and you need to skip to the next track, for example. Or even if you need to pause the podcast you’re currently on and concentrate on shooting some bad guys. As far as looks go, the device looks fantastic and the arrow keys on this keyboard and the WASD keys are adorned with bright red, and here’s why: They’re interchangeable as per your controls. The fact that it’s also splash-proof makes it one of the best deals in the market right now.


#4.Redragon Asura K501

Keeping with the Redragon theme, the reason this keyboard makes it into our list is because it gives you the luxury of programmable keys without having to spend a lot of money. The ASURA K501 comes with load with 8 programmable macro keys in addition to 116 standard keys. With the help of the macro keys, you can do what would’ve taken a few separate clicks in just the touch of a single button. This keyboard also disables the Windows key, which brings up the start menu. This is useful because if you ever hit the Windows key by mistake, you won’t return to the desktop when your teammates need you the most.

Redragon Asura K501

You can therefore see the appeal of this product. Programmable macro keys is a must-have feature for many gamers. This keyboard has backlighting of course, in 7 different colours. That’s right. Red, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink and blue. Something else which is amazing on this keyboard, is splash resistance. So if you are ever clumsy enough to spill your soda or milkshake all over the place when gaming, it will not affect your hardware. Whereas in other situations, not only would your keyboard be destroyed, you would lose the game as well. The drink will simply flow through the drain holes in the Asura K501 and away from from the internals. Thereby saving your device, and your win-streak. This feature is amazing considering the price range, and it alone might be enough to convince you to but it right away.



The “mechanical-feel” keyboard from DBPOWER is definitely one to consider, as it gives you all the necessary features that should be there in a gaming keyboard. It has a 19-key rollover function so that you don’t miss any keystrokes. And the keys themselves are all laser-etched which means their lifespan will be a long time.

Design wise, the keyboard is splash-resistant and feature three different colours of backlighting – red, blue and purple. Moreover, it’s very difficult to tell that it’s not a mechanical keyboard, and for this price range, this keyboard won’t let you down. This is one of the Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50.


#6.Redragon Karura K502

Redragon Karura K502


This keyboard has to be simply the best option for your first gaming setup. This keyboard is very cool -slim, with soft, quiet, backlit keys. The backlight in this edition is again 7 different colours, and you can even choose your own pulsing rate and brightness level.The keys are laser engraved, and you can utilise them to the fullest thanks to custom key assigning and 12 multimedia keys.

This fully RGB keyboard will take a small amount of time to get used to, but it’s probably the best-backlit keyboard on this list. And soon after you pass the learning curve, this little thing will become your best friend when gaming.


#7.Tomoko 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard

If there’s one rule when choosing a keyboard for gaming, it’s that you should always opt for a mechanical keyboard whenever you can. Sure, membrane keyboards may be lighter and easier to move around, but they just don’t make the cut in terms of response and user satisfaction. Normally, mechanical keyboards are much costlier than standard keyboards, but keyboards like the Tomoko 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard go to show that there are a few cheap options when it comes to going mechanical.

Tomoko 87 Keys Mechanical KeyboardThe Tomoko 87 Keys Mechanical Keyboard is fairly straightforward and simplistic. So if your setup is minimalistic, this should be a go-to choice for you. It’s quite small, so it’s easy to put this under the category of small keyboards. But make no mistake, it’s quite big on features. The keys are enabled with anti-ghosting, which means you can press all the buttons at any given time and have all the presses registered.

The custom mechanical switches are also very durable, according to users. The keyboard will also support a wide variety of operating systems, and its blemish-free, ergonomic, water-resistant design should make this device a solid bet for all gamers. The addition of 12 shortcut buttons makes this keyboard a must-have for gamers if you’re looking for the best mechanical keyboard in the price range.


#8.CM Storm Devastator II

CM Storm Devastator II

This product gets a spot here because it honestly feels amazing. The keys feel as if they were mechanical by offering a more tactile feel than any other keyboard here. They’re all laser-engraved and highly responsive to the press. It has dedicated media buttons as well and overall it looks and feels lightweight, but not cheap.

It really is a dream to use and will ensure you have a very smooth time when killing some enemies on this guy. Not to mention, this keyboard also comes with a mouse too. Which too goes above and beyond considering you get both for such a cheap combo price. It’s a hard deal to refuse and won’t disappoint.


#9.EagleTec KG011

As far as looks go, this cheap gaming keyboard has to take the top spot on this list. Simply because it looks just absolutely gorgeous. It comes in an all-white design with a total of 104 keys, all of which are backlit with bright blue LEDs under the keys. However, it not only looks good but performs to the mark too. The keys in the EagleTec KG011 are all plate-mounted, concave and 100% anti-ghosted.

EagleTec KG011

 The F keys are all dual action, all 12 of them. With which you can gain quick access to the programs and applications you use the most, and the functions you need most of the time, like volume, muting or skipping tracks. The WASD keys and arrow keys are all interchangeable.

You can set this device to the perfect angle for your usage using the feet under the keyboard. If your setup is white-oriented, you really shouldn’t look any further, because this keyboard gives you all need to game, while at the same time pulling off that white very very nicely.


#10.Razer Deathstalker Essential

Razer is a very well known brand in the gaming and computing industry, they make all sorts of products especially notable for gaming. These include things from laptops with a backlit keyboard to Gaming PC systems. Having said that, the Razer Deathstalker Essential is easily one of the best products Razer has rolled out. On its own, it’s one of the best computer keyboards, never mind gaming keyboards.


Razer Deathstalker Essential

The thing with this keyboard is, it doesn’t have any extra keys and it doesn’t feature any special functions, but will easily do the job like a pro. The keys feel amazingly tactile – almost mechanical. They lay low on the board and are laser engraved. The keys have a 10-key rollover too.

The keyboard itself will last you a long time, and the wrist rest means that you won’t feel a thing when you sit gaming for a long time. It doesn’t have backlighting though, but maybe that isn’t too big of a price to pay when you think you’ll be getting a Razer product. And as always, Razer means quality.

Buyer’s Guide & FAQ 

One may ask,”Wait, why do you even need a keyboard specific for gaming? Why can’t you just use a regular keyboard?” Well, gaming keyboards are built specifically to cater to the needs of gamers. They’re designed in a way to offer players more functionality, higher levels of performance and comfort during extended periods of heavy use. The manufacturers make it a top priority to appeal to gamers in all facets. Gaming keyboards generally come with backlighting and unique key layouts made specifically for gaming, and even at times, LCD screens.

The layout we’re talking about has to highly ergonomic because a fraction of a second here and there can make all the difference between victory and defeat. You can customize your own key-mapping with the help of programmable keys and shortcuts. And it’s no surprise that gaming keyboards are much more sensitive and responsive than normal keyboards, giving players more satisfying usage.

Some of the many different features which make a gaming keyboard differ from a typing keyboard or an office keyboard are listed below.

These are the things that make a keyboard a gaming keyboard:

Gaming Mode

Oftentimes, we find yourself pressing buttons or button combinations which lead to dismay. For example, the “Alt+Tab” combination takes you straight to the desktop and the “Alt+F4” command closes the application you’re on entirely. A gaming mode on these keyboards features a lock function which prevents these button combinations from disrupting your gameplay. Much like the “safety” on a pistol or revolver.

Dedicated Macro keys

You can reassign certain settings on one-click on many gaming keyboards. Set custom keyboard profiles and load them up as necessary depending on the specific game or activity.

Extra Keys

Gaming keyboards contain many keys which can be re-mapped according to the user’s needs. These come to use particularly most when playing large-scale games like MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online).

LED Backlighting  

Fancy lights behind the keys make for a very attractive look on a keyboard. Although extravagant lighting isn’t all very necessary, it does create the right atmosphere for a night of hacking, slashing and shooting.

Mechanical switches

Switches under the buttons allow for faster, more precise keystrokes. Not to mention a higher level of satisfaction when pressing the buttons thanks to tactile feedback. But on the downside, they are thicker and larger in size than normal rubber dome membrane switch keyboards.

Media controls

Although this is something prevalent on most keyboards nowadays whether it is a gaming keyboard or not, media controls are important for controlling video, audio or even shortcuts to your social networks like Facebook or Twitter so you can show off your achievements and high scores straight away.


Higher-end gaming keyboards have a feature called N-key Rollover, which make it possible for the computer to register input for all buttons at once. Similar to multi-touch on modern touchscreens.

Onboard display

If you’re willing to spend some extra money, you can purchase keyboards with LCD screens or even trackpads on them. With these, you can view game statistics, system info, video playback, image slideshows and so on. Imagine watching YouTube tutorials as you’re playing or even group video chat output when conferencing with your mates. This requires a lot of money to produce of course, so don’t expect a feature like this to be prevalent in all gaming keyboards.

Wrap Up

And that’s it for our list of the 10 best gaming keyboards under $50. This list will surely help you find the perfect tool for your gaming purposes, without having the need to save up crazily. All the keyboards here have all the features necessary for gaming on and on.

And remember, a gamer’s greatest weapon in his arsenal is his gamepad. With a good gaming keyboard not only will you gain a vital edge over your opponent. But you will also end up becoming very popular in your gaming community. So come on, pick any item from this list and start gaming straight away!

Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section below. Which one is your favourite? Do you prefer any other keyboard? Let us know!

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