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For a regular PC gamer at some point, you will experience eye strain because of your continuous play of games. But it’s not a negligible circumstance. So how can you reduce it or fix it? A new gaming monitor or a PC setup can’t help you with that. Just wear a gaming glass during your gameplay and the result will be in front of you. Does it really have any kind of advantage over gaming or it helps to keep our eyes safe from being affected by the continuous use of the monitor screen? I will try to give you a brief description of the necessity of using the gaming glasses and also our best pick and review to grab the best gaming glasses to enjoy the more better gaming experience. We have created a good gaming glass list for your consideration. So let’s take a look at them

          Best Gaming Glasses Buying Guide 

PROSPEK – Professional Glasses

Looking for a portable and reading glasses solution for your need you can go for this awesome looking gaming goggles. Spektrum gives you the best support for your eyes as well as it helps you to have the best-prescribed solution for your eyes. Here you will not have a prescription option with the lens and frame but they have given some solution for the people who are in need of a prescription glasses. There is a pro clips option by which you can simply clip it in front of your daily spectacles and enjoy the best blue light elimination offered by Spektrum.

What we like
  • Comfortable Portability
  • Durable and Metal Bridge
  • Anti Flicker Coating support for the lenses
  • Sturdy Clip support on the lenses
  • Best for long hour gamers
What we didn't liked
  • Anti-glare isn’t supported
  • No Anti-fog or fingerprint resistibility
  • Not Scratch Resistant
  • Isn’t compatible with multiple type glasses
  • Isn’t very much stylish

Uvex Computer Glass 

Uvex Skyper looks similar to a safety glass but its more than that. This glass comes with several safety certifications which makes it one of the best pick for the gamers. It has a 90% amber tint specification. It looks like a pair of safety glass to me always but I love these goggles. Not because of its look because of its safety support for your eyes.

What we like
  • Strong Frame Quality and scratch resistant glass with anti fog coat
  • Low price demand
  • compatible headband
  • Air flow makes your eyes moist
  • flexible lens swapping
  • Amber tint support for blue light elimination
What we didn't liked
  • Silly look and Design
  • Isn’t anti reflective or anti glare
  • No option for Prescription lenses
  • Aggressive Amber tints results in lots of colour perception issue

Best Clear Computer Glass 

Spektrum Prospek dynamic has a professional office glass look along with a good feature for gaming glasses. It comes with a super stylish look and effective lens. Using Dynamic Spektrum you will have a smooth better gaming experience. It has great features under its look and demand.

What we like
  • Blocks 50% of the Blue Light
  • Anti Flicker Coating available
  • Scratch resistant glasses
  • Anti reflective and anti fog feature available
  • Awesome Design
  • Comfortable use for gaming
What we didn't liked
  • Prescription lens isn’t supported
  • Average built in quality
  • Frame isn’t scratch protective

Ambr Gaming Goggles

The Ambr Asteri is a gorgeous gaming goggle from wayfarer which helps to bring life to Ambr’s exquisite lenses for your use. This pair of gaming glasses can be used anywhere anytime. Its comfortable, lightweight and also it has several features to keep your eyes safe. Beside this, it offers premium coats in their lenses as well as fabulous design.

What we like
  • Metal Body frame
  • Scratch proof and smudge resistant glass
  • Glare and anti-reflective support
  • UV Sheild Protected
  • Small amount of magnification power
  • Smooth focusing capabilities
  • 55% of tint support for light filtering
  • Resign Frame with multiple design
What we didn't liked
  • Prescrition lens are not offered
  • Mid range price

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Spektrum Scratch Resistant Glass

Spektrum prospek Elite is not suitable enough to wear outside of your room. They don’t care about the design at all. but rather this they provide a good amount of features and support for the gamers. As there most of the glasses have blue light filtering and anti-fog support. If you are looking for a glass for long hour use then yes, spektrum can do the job. They don’t give a very stylish look to their glasses but yes, all of their glasses are very comfortable to use for hours in front of your monitor.

What we like
  •  Anti flicker Coating available
  • Very much comfortable to use for hours
  • Flixible frame & sturdy build design
  • 99% tint to reduce the light effect
  • Longterm use friendly
What we didn't liked
  • Dull Design
  • Isn’t scratch resistant
  • can’t use it in public
  • Isn’t fog or oil resistant


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Ambr Professional glass

Are You Up for a professional glass? Then you can choose Ambr Zenith glass. It very much stylish as well as suitable for gamers. It will add a good collection of your gaming gadgets also. Its flexible, classic look and TR90 frame make it one of the best gaming glasses available in the market. Its just pleasant look gaming glass for the gamers.

What we like
  •  55% tint COating for emiting blue ray light
  • Scratch and glare proof
  • Anti-reflective coating for a better view
  • UV sheild available
  • TR90 frame Design for lightweight
  • Small magnification power for user support
  •  Smooth focusing and details reading power compatibility
  • Stylish and effective look for outdoor use
What we didn't liked
  • Precription lens is not available



Altech Premium Vision Glass 

A faux tortoise shell design with a stainless steel frame makes Altech Vision comfortable and stylish for any gamer. Slightly low amount of tint coat helps to reduce the blue ray light. This could be also used as a regular class as the amount of tint coating is very little amount comparing to other glasses available in the market. Altech claims that this glasses can block UV rays and glare as well.

What we like
  • Faux tortoise shell design
  • Scratch and glare proof
  • Anti-reflective coating for a better view
  • UV sheild available
  • Stylish and effective look for outdoor use
  • Prescription lens are supported
What we didn't liked
  • Plastic legs can be broken

The Classic Trust Optics

Its affordable as well as good looking gaming glass to protect your eyes from blue rays and light effect. Its look more natural and stylish comparing with other gaming glasses. Their lens are almost clear as regular lenses. It also has a small amount of magnifying power for reading purpose. It can also reduce the strength of the blue rays upto 45% almost. Its decent and stylish look makes a good choice to grab it for gaming purpose and also for daily base outdoor use.

What we like
  • Stylish look
  • Prescription lens available
  • Small amount of magnifying power
  • Reduces UV rays effect
What we didn't liked
  • Only 40% blue rays are reduced

High-End Gaming Glass

One of the high-end gaming glass is Gamma Ray 801. The name of this glasses clearly indicates that is has a very effective feature over gamma rays and UV rays. But its more than this. It blocks all the UVB and UVA rays from affecting your eyes. Gives as a little amount of magnifying power. Comfortable for use and lifetime protection provided from the seller.

What we like
  • Stylish look
  • Prescription lens available
  • Small amount of magnifying power
  • Reduces UVA & UVB rays affect
  • Low price
  • Lifetime brakeage protection warranty
What we didn't liked
  • Not Scratch Protected

Best Mid-Range Gaming Glasses

If you are comfortable to spend a little more money behind gaming glasses then we have come to introduce you with another list of best gaming glasses. These glasses will give you some more extra features within a mid-range budget. So let’s take a look to our next pick for best budget gaming glasses.

Lightweight Frame Glass

Duco Optiks 090s is a lightweight frame comes with a classic and professional look. Its made of polymer material and it has a ambr tint lens. This lens helps to reduce the blue ray light and also protect you from UVA and UVB lights. It gives a very strong and stable structural stability to the users. You can also wear this glasses with the headset which makes it comfortable to use while playing games.

What we like
  • UVA & UVB light Protected
  • Blue Ray protected
  • Lightweight & Strong stable frame structure
  • Adjustable frame
  • Classic and stylish look
  • Ambr tins lens for better support
  • Prescription lens available
What we didn't liked
  • No anti fog support
  • Isn’t scratch resistive

Gunnar Outdoor Glass 

Gunner Optiks Micron is another computer glasses which looks similar to the regular glasses. It is very much stylish and can be easily used for the outdoor purpose. They have a little amount of yellow tinge to give you protection from overhead strip lights. It also reduces blue rays and UV lights. The amount of reduction is almost 65% which is very large and good enough to protect your eyes. It said that these glasses eliminate a good amount of UVB light. Their anti-glare protection is very effective for the users. You can use this glasses in a traditional office without any hesitation. Harmful Harsh lights can create a distraction to migraines and which will result in migraine pain eventually.

These glasses come with a rectangular shape with a different style and colour. The Faux tortoiseshell design gives it an ergonomic stylish look. As a result, you will never feel uncomfortable wearing these glasses.

What we like
  • UVA & UVB protective
  • Anti glare Coating
  • Faux tortoiseshell Design and comfortable use
  • Eliminates migraine pain
  • Multiple Design and ergonomic shape
What we didn't liked
  • Not Scratch resistive
  • Costly

Ergonomic Semi-Rimless Glass

Our next pick is another valuable and effective product of DUCO. Their product is always high quality and also effective for the users. But they always offer the best quality and features to the user. Excellent built-in quality with ultrapure material for manufacturing lenses is their key to success. Their effective lens can eliminate a good amount of harmful lights and glare you vision for smooth gaming. Flexible frame and shutter proof material offers a good option to pick this glasses without any doubt. You can also use your own prescription lens by adjusting them with their frame. This model also comes with a one-year limited replacement warranty. Overall this is one of the best customizable glass. Which can easily protect your eyes…within this range. So what else are you asking for?

What we like
  • UV Ray Protection
  • Flexible and comfortable frame for daily use
  • Stutter proof material
  • Scratch proof lens
  • prescription lens available
What we didn't liked
  • Costly
  • Only 1-year warranty

Blue Light Sheild Compter Glass

The worst effect on your eyes is the blue light effect. Which can damage your eye cells and as a result You might end up losing your eye power. J+S Vision Gaming glass gives you full protection for the UV rays and blue lights. It blocks 90% of high energy blue lights and protects your eyes from being damaged by the side effects of this light. These glasses allow a small amount of discolouration which will result in a clear view for gaming and vision purpose. Beside this, it reduces eye strain and headache also.

What we like
  • Blue light protection
  • Eye fatigue support
  • Reduces eye strain pain
  • Ergonomic design
  • Reduces insomnia
  • Filters light for healthy eyes
What we didn't liked
  • Cheap Plastic
  • Frame is not adjustable
  • Can’t fit on to regular glasses
  • Priscription lenses isn’t offered

Best Premium Glasses

So are you up for more effective and premium quality glasses? Than we have another special pick for you. These glasses are expensive as well as more features are added to this so that your investment doesn’t go in vain. If you are a serious level pro gamer and want to take your gaming experience to a new level than here is our top pick for premium computer gaming glasses for you.

Gunner Premium Glass

Searching for more distinguish and stylish looking glass than Gunner Optiks PHA-00101is our best pick for you. They have used a hard coating over there glasses to give you full protection over blue ray and UV rays. This glasses can also increase your contrast over glasses so that things get more bright and clear for you. The frame of these glasses is made of stainless steel and flexible enough to fit in your head. Nosepad is adjustable according to your need which is great for long time use. This can be easily wearable while you are using your headset to play the game. They have some of the best glasses in their collection. You just need to grab your prefered one.

What we like
  • Scratch prove glass
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Slimmer stylish look
  • Protects from Blue light and UV rays
  • Adjustable nosepad
What we didn't liked
  • Expensive glass

Gameking Classic Glass

Gameking Classic will be the right pick for you If you are looking for a premium quality product but in less expense. But you might be thinking that if there are cheaper than how did they get into this category? Well, they have a very unique feature which is you can easily flip the extension part of your glass. Beside this, it blocks 87% of the blue light and blocks UV rays from affecting your eyes. Their glasses are completely scratch resistive. Besides this, the coating of their glasses helps to keep it clean from the dust and fog.

What we like
  • Reduces eye strain and headache
  • Less expensive
  • Foldable frame
  • Stylish design
  • Less weight
  • Blocks UV400 waves and 87% blue rays
  • Strong anti reflective coating
  • Scratch,repel fog,oil resistive
What we didn't liked
  • Can’t be used for driving
  • Average size eye glass shape

Advance Computer Glass

So in our premium glass list Gunner optiks intercept is one of the desirable glass for the gamers. They come within a good price range. You will get a desirable stylish frame as well as best quality gaming glasses from Gunner.

These glasses help to reduce the eye strain pain, Headaches and also it gives a comfortable rest to your eyes while your playing games for a longer time. They also reduce 65% of the blue rays and UV lights are also reduced effectively. A very small amount of magnifications like 20% is done by this glasses. Which helps you to zoom in without having any change in the settings.

What we like
  • Provides eye Protection
  • Blocks harmful rays
  • Reduces eyes strain & headache
  • Powerful lens focus
What we didn't liked
  • Plastic glass
  • Expensive
  • For prescription lens you have to change the whole lens

Cheap Prescription glasses 

For a regular movie watcher and loves to watch a 3D movie than you must know the struggle of using multiple glasses at a time. Now we will show you some of the unique glass models for prescription use.

NoScope Golem 

NoScope Golem glasses are pro gaming glass wear. These glasses are available within a very low price range and you can easily modify it according to your prescribed lens. Beside this, it looks almost similar to 8954Ls model. They have used resin in the glass coating to block the harmful rays and UV light. You can use this glass for your everyday use.  The lenses are scratch resistive and help you to have a good focus on objects.

What we like
  • Scratch Resistive
  • Blocks UV rays and Blue Lights
  • Cheap Price
  • Reduces eye fatigue
  • Low weight
What we didn't liked
  • Not suitable for longterm use

DUCO Cheap Goggle

Duco Optiks 8954L has a very good goggle style design and effective shape as well. You will get this goggles in three different sizes. One of the best things about this glasses is they have a flexible build frame so it can take a huge amount of extreme damage without any breakage. This is why the manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty over this glasses. It reduces the UV rays and also blue light effect. This is a perfect glass for gaming.

What we like
  • Lifetime Breakage warranty
  • Flexible Build quality
  • Reduces 80% blue light and UV rays
What we didn't liked
  • Not suitable for office use

#.Advantage of having Good Glasses

You can start calculating the advantage of using a gaming glass then you will find so many reasons to think about. As nowadays many people who don’t even play video games have started to purchase a gaming glass for themselves.

Video Editors:  For improving your overall visual performance you can use a gaming glass.

Office Workers: Nowadays office workers have started to use gaming glass to reduce the eye strain and headache. If you are sitting in front of a PC for 7-8 hours a day then it will definitely affect your eyes. gaming glass can protect your eyes from the bad effect from these stress.

Graphics Designers: To see a better colour contrast while designing a logo or a website nowadays graphics designers have also started to wear gaming glasses.

Animation creators: If you are an animation creator or works in the graphics for games then you will have a great use of the gaming glasses.

Everyday People: Regular people also use these glasses to protect their eyes from eye strain blue rays effect. Besides this, some people also use these to protect their eyes from UV rays also.

#.Buying Guide for Glasses

Once you have fixed you a range of budget you need to choose some additional features before buying your glass. These features will affect your budget of buying the better glass for you.

Additional Features are

  • Stainless steel Frame 
  • Coloured Frame 
  • Curved Lens
  • Warranty over frame 
  • Filters for UV rays 
  • Wide angle frame 
  • Aluminum-magnesium material frame
  • Ergonomic Design

#.How Exactly Gaming Glasses Does the Job?

All the monitors that we use produce blue rays which harm our eyes. one of the concerns here is blue light is a reason eye strain factor. Here glasses will help you to filter the blue rays to enjoy the better environment and also reduce eye fatigue concerns. As a result, you can start enjoying games for more longer time duration. But this is obvious you can think that using yellow gaming glasses you gaming scenes may look weird but trust me this filter help to have a better experience in colour variation for you. This can be really helpful while playing fast-paced games to differ your enemies easily. This glasses also helps you to deal with the blur and glare problems. So I think it is a very good deal to have your own gaming glasses.


In a nutshell, we can discuss lots of useful features and the advantages of using this glasses. If you are a long-term computer user then you must have a suitable gaming glass for your eyes. It will reduce your eye strain and headache. This glasses will also reduce all the harmful rays and light from damaging your eyes. The scientist has found a good response while using a gaming glass. It will protect you from all kinds of attack and damages to your eyes. The effect of too much blue light is a  major concern for us. So buying a glass for yourself is worth spending money. But just make sure you will choose the Best gaming glasses for you? As there are different features and advantage disadvantage of glasses. To improve your visualization and performance of eyes these glasses are the best shield for you. Whether you are using a basic glass or premium it will improve your performance of eyes and give you a comfort from eye strain and Daily headache. In the End, you will never regret buying these glasses for home or office use that’s for sure.

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