Best Gaming Desks

Are you a die hearted computer game lover? Then surely for you, gaming desk means the bigger the better. After all, space is the king. Target focus to locate the right position at a different level it works like heaven for gamers. Sadly, space is limited.So, to select the best size for a person’s desk is really challenging as it solely depends on space physical availability.So million dollar question is how to choose the best gaming desks?

Best Gaming Desks Comparison Table
(Low Budget )

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner DeskSHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner DeskL- ShapeProduct Dimensions: 51 x 28.5 x 19 inches
Weight: 38.4 pounds
Tribesigns Modern L-Shaped DeskTribesigns Modern L-Shaped Desk L- ShapeProduct Dimensions: 66.1 x 49.2 x 29.1 inches
Item Weight: 53 pounds
Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped Desk Ameriwood Home Dakota L-Shaped DeskL- ShapeProduct Dimensions 51.3 x 53.6 x 28.3 inches
Item Weight 70 pounds
 Tribesigns Computer Desk, 55" Tribesigns Computer Desk, 55"SquareProduct Dimensions 55.1 x 23.6 x 29.1 inches
Item Weight 50.7 pounds
L-Shape Corner Computer Desk L-Shape Corner Computer Desk L- ShapeProduct Dimensions 59 x 55 x 29.5 inches
Item Weight 46.3 pounds
HOMCOM 64" Modern L-Shaped Dark GlasstopHOMCOM 64" Modern L-Shaped Dark GlasstopL- ShapeProduct Dimensions 44 x 27 x 5 inches
Item Weight 75 pounds

PlayStation or the latest Xbox? Sounds sweet to you as you have an ever exciting gaming collection. Surely you need your comfort zone to play & enjoy. Gaming desk with user-friendly wide, spacious, L-shaped or small is some must choice for your all unique devices of gaming. Such one platform one solution will ensure the ultimate heaven of the game world to keep them all!

You may easily feel confused as so many designs, colors, sizes, types are available. You have to discover the best which suits your home. Every gaming computer desk has different features. One may have a set of cupboard or drawers. Another may present with just plain as well as simple space.


Comparison Table of the Best Desks for Gaming
(Budget focus)

Gaming deskArozzi Arena Gaming Desk - BlueStandardProduct Dimensions : 32.2 x 63 x 31 inches
Item Weight 85.5 pounds
Gaming DesksAtlantic Gaming Desk - Not Machine SpecificStandardProduct Dimensions : 44.8 x 26.2 x 7 inches
Item Weight 43.6 pounds
LeCrozz L-Shaped Home Office Corner DeskOrigami RDE-01 Computer DeskStandardProduct Dimensions : 47.2 x 23.6 x 29.9 inches
Item Weight 43.8 pounds
THE WALKER EDISON SORENO 3-PIECE CORNER DESKWalker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk glassStandardProduct Dimensions : 20 x 51 x 29 inches
Item Weight 57 pounds
GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk 01GreenForest L-Shape Corner Computer Office Desk L-Shape Product Dimensions : 58.1 x 44.3 x 29.1 inches
Item Weight 37.2 pounds


Best Gaming Desks Overview for Console & PC Gamers

You are working in a giant spacious office. Again you may have a dorm-room tiny cute space. In both cases, to choose the best gaming desk for individual will depends. Good news is it does not matter. We believe every gamer is different and so does their requirements. Whatever your situation is, our user-friendly best guideline will satisfy your all demand with the best information you need.

For your best convenience, we identified the best desks in all sizes. All of them are just perfect for a game with smart space. Still, some are better than others depends on your demand as they are exclusively built for computer game fighters.

Here are our unique compiled lists of the gaming desks.Just explore the below for best 25 picks. For all game lovers, these desks are just awesome. Besides to complete the gamer’s needs even some have specific features to make it evergreen game world. Let’s start.


Recommended Budget Best Gaming Desks Under $100

1.SHW L-Shaped Corner Desk


SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk

For an exceptional gaming desk, you can easily go with SHW corner desk. Good look & long time stability makes it perfect for any high ground gamer. It has a large surface to integrate all your gaming accessories and allows you plenty of space to stretch your legs.There is also a footrest bar Under the desk.In the L-shape Desk, you can easily fit 2/3 monitors without facing any problems.This gaming desk is standing on a Strong steel frame and tempered glass.The finishing of this desk is powder coated which gives it more attractive look. The depth of this desk is 28” which is standard for any gaming desk.


Product Dimensions : 51 x 28.5 x 19 inch

Product Weight: 38.4 pounds

What we like
  • L – Shape Gaming Desk
  • Comfortable foot rest bar
  • Tempered glass
  • Power coated finishing
  • Strong & durable Steel frame
  • Attractive look
  • Long life and durable use
  • Cheaper than other gaming desk
  • Perfect for multiple monitor users.
What we didn't liked
  • Heavy weight
  • Sturdy top Glass
  • Complex assembling
  • No shelf



2.Durable Gaming Desk Workstation

DURABLE GAMING DESK WORKSTATIONAny kind of home environment can use this Durable Gaming Desk. You can call it as an economy gaming desk.

Even for a gift item, it’s just great! Ideal for your beloved ones who have their own gaming space & don’t want to store on top of the desk a lot of things. It may not similar to others desk in this list with lots of space but undoubtedly it a great economy friendly gaming desk. The desk will allow you to place two monitors at a time unless they are too big. Another excellent thing is its simple yet beautiful design and very lightweight.

A well-known home decor specialized furniture company called BHG, brought to you this budget-friendly gaming desk. Elegant looks with a simple design made it more classical. Probably it came from their home decor experience. Surely from your living space to the bedroom, it will only add style. Assembling of this gaming desk is easy. Just follow the instruction and within 15 minutes it’s done.


In order to avoid damage, it offers corner protector when shipping. The wood used to make the table top. It is durable, well built, strong , very wide and allows fitting two monitors 21 inches, 24 inches. Adding that it also lets you fit two 24 inches but which is the final limit.

Best thing is 29 inches height supportable for most people.In spite of all metal frames, it is impressively lightweight.

So as a busy person like you can easily move it in your home from one corner to another easily. Your workstation may be clunky and you are not happy due to space shortage. Then this gaming desk is just a blessing for you. It will impress you with enough space yet it will leave your room comfortable spacious.

A certain drawback is this workstation doesn’t give a warranty. The positive thing is it is really cheap and all replacement parts are available in the market. Hopefully, it will give long lasting life circle due to its full metal frame. You can expect no problem for this reason. In a nutshell, you are welcome to discover the Gaming Desk Table Durable Workstation if you want a budget-friendly gaming desk


Product Dimensions: 50 x 26 x 4 inches

Product Weight: 37 pounds

What we like
  • Budget Friendly
  • Specious even for two monitors
  • Height friendly for most people
  • Durable metal frame yet lightweight
  • Easy moveable
  • Parts available
What we didn't liked
  • Not very spacious for large monitors
  • No warranty


3.Origami Rde-01 Computer Desk


Gaming Desk Home studio to office environment sometimes you may want desks something different, more practical design with affordable price range. Good news!

The Origami RDE desk is great for you. It is not for serious streamer or dies hearted gamer. It’s an economy friendly computer desk for people who have a budget limit.

It is awesome portable as the best feature is one can easily flat it folds. Moreover no hassle of assembling at all on your place. Just carry & place. That’s it.

Strong and solid built The Origami RDE-01 offers a budget relief price. Its dual lock system ensures the desk folding feature smoothly. An ideal portable desk which one can open or fold within one minute. It’s contemporary design & black colour adds to its classic style. Thus it catches attention & noticeable furniture in home & office. Counting exciting gaming night with your friend? This desk is just made for you as the table top just easy removable. Besides keyboard, cpu, monitor, speakers, UPS are easy to keep using its selves.

Another excellent feature is its height. Even 6 feet above people can use it without any trouble. You can easily fit your chair underneath it. Its stable position is another good point. Surface area? 7 sq. ft. The desk height is 30 inches. Watch out! People who are not tall. It has no keyboard tray option. Some customers reported their desk came lopsided suddenly. Another good thing is it needs less space a real good news for small rooms.


Product Dimensions: 47.2 x 23.6 x 29.9 inches

Product Weight: 43.8 pounds

What we like
  • Affordable price
  • Portable
  • Easier assembling
  • Feel good space
  • Long Height
What we didn't liked
  • Difficult to cope for people who are not tall
  • No keyboard tray option


4.The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk


For sophisticated gamers who want to present their gaming desk as different as they are then it is the most popular & Best Gaming Desks. This L-shaped desk from design category to user-friendly features it received the best positive feedback. If you want to place your gaming tower, the Walker Edison offers a spacious compartment in the bottom centre.

The desk is noticeable due to its ‘X’ legs. The classical sleek black finish, gorgeous bevelled tempered safety glass, steel frame with black powder coated makes the Edison outstanding gaming desk. This stylish modern desk is considered one of the best selling on Amazon.

In a few frames, Walker Edison offers beautiful some glass color options such as black, white, smoke, multi and clear.

Versatility is it’s another astonishing reason for popularity. You can personalize configuration of the desk. On any end optionally you can mount the keyboard. You can also turn this L-desk into two standard sizes just removing the center corner. And its price range is surely another pleasing surprise.


Product Dimensions: 20 x 51 x 29 inches

Product Weight: 57 pounds

What we like
  • Half inch thick Glass
  • Adjustable Height
  • Very elegant & sturdy
  • Weight limit upto 15 pounds
  • Can hold 3 monitors
  • Tempered glass
  • Keyboard side can be switched
What we didn't liked
  • No cabinet
  • No coffee stand

Recommended Budget Gaming Desks Under $200

Are you looking for an exceptional feature-oriented sophisticated gaming desk? Then welcome to explore here. As they are elegant and cost a small fortune these dragons are not for everyone. But I guess you quality comes first and you have the budget to grab one. In this comprehensive guide, you will discover the computer desks perfect for gamers which will support almost your imagine for any gaming setup.

Our Editor’s Pick: The Sauder Office Furniture Heritage Hill Collection is obviously our great champion here. It offers crazy space my main reason to choose this monster. A lot of extra place it clearly provides. Moreover, it has very professional look and practical style, along a nine years guarantee.

1.Atlantic Gaming Desk

Gaming DesksNo other gaming desk is as perfect as The Atlantic Gaming Desk. Specifically, this is built for gamers. When designing this eye-catching desk Atlantic sharply keep in mind the needs of gamers.

The major feature of Atlantic gaming desk is it offers a lot of functionality. A drawer, proper cable management, for a dual speaker set up 2 attractive trays, a gadget tray (best for smartphone/ipod etc.), a smart place to hang your dear headphone on the side, game shelve, and a surprise gift a drink holder! Perfect for tea, coffee or your favorite energy drink.

The only con of this superb gaming desk is it’s not too spacious. In fact, it is a well-built compact desk. So, to attach two/one large monitors at a time you can buy a clamp or remove the existing elevated monitor stand. This step will let you fit even up 27-inch monitors to enjoy games side by side.

Thinking to place your keyboard or anything you like? The rack area underneath may then can be your dream place. If you are looking for an ideal place to fit a power strip the rack is your answer. It lets you run cables it and keep things tidy and organized. Do you want to take a beating? its steel rod frame is built on that way. Gaming setup is really challenging. This practical design just helps to many gamers as a wonderful solution.


Product Dimensions: 49.25 cm x 26.75 cm x 40.25 cm

Product Weight: 43.6 pounds

What we like
  • Eye-catching looks
  • Gamer Friendly design
  • Many Function
What we didn't liked
  • Not very Spacious
  • Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Black

2.Gaming Desk Pro All In One


Gaming Desk Are you a hardcore gamer? Have a heaven of gaming accessories? Still, you are that few pupil who is not satisfied with common market gaming desk? Here is your that dream gaming desk ideal for gamer gear. It offers a better place to store your game weapon like remotes and controllers.

You may want an under desk fast or console controller storage areas. In both cases look no further. It is strongly built as well. It allows you to store everything you need for your game war store. Its another amazing feature is high rise top which allows you to place your loving monitor. The only condition is the monitor should not be more than 27 inches above.

The desk is ideally built for any hardcore gamer. Easy as well as quick assembling way prove it gamers friend. Its still desk makes it stronger and durable and made a sharp difference with cheap market desks. Another plus point is its quality metal wireframes. Glad news is your desire you can structure it anyway. The desk has no underneath shelves is a sign of good consideration.

You can freely place your all other gaming equipment and tower. It also offers smart wire management as it has trim plates. It will make your gaming set up welcoming and neat. Spacious work surface area (41 inches by 23.5 inches) ensures enough place to keep your things at ease.

Customers in the U.S. and Canada only covers the product warranty and is too limited. It covers broken, missing or any defective components regarding shipping. It clearly states, no warranty for any misuse, lack of care or accidents.

Overall this gaming desk is highly customizable, strong. It nicely offers a lot of functionality and large storage. It also has some cons. Firstly, it has no keyboard drawer. Secondly, people with taller than 6 feet watch out. From the floor, the desk height is 29.5 inches.


Product Dimensions: 51 x 24.5 x 35.8 inches

Product Weight : 44 Pounds

What we like
  • Spacious upper and lower side
  • Strongly built ensures long life
  • Impressive high rise top for monitors
  • Easy and fast assembling
  • Best metal wireframes
  • No underneath shelves means a lot of space
  • Smart wire management
What we didn't liked
  • Warranty too limited and only applicable in the USA and the Canada
  • No keyboard drawer
  • Height not too long


3.The Techni Mobili Complete Computer Workstation


THE TECHNI MOBILI COMPLETE COMPUTER WORKSTATIONAnother great gaming desk considered as traditional as they are a wooden desk. Many home offices choose it as perfect setups. This desk will surely make a lot of sense if you have a lot of office supplies.

It has drawers, cabinets and keyboard tray. But keep in mind it will not give you as much space as the A-series. At the same time in this unique compact desk, it offers a lot of functionality.

This desk lets you use a dual monitor but in that case, surface space will not be much adequate. If you want to keep everything looking neat and tidy by throwing your kinds of stuff on the drawers they are just perfect as the drawers can be handy. You may face the challenge of space while working.


Product Dimensions: 48 x 24 x 30 inches

Product Weight: 86 pounds

What we like
  • Standard Space
  • Many Functionality
What we didn't liked
  • Not very spacious

4.Z-Line Belaire Glass Desk

This is an amazing giant glass computer table with stylish look. Interestingly, it’s not costly at all. The Z-line Belaire built in beauty and functionality.It is really wide which support giant monitors. There is a shelf for elevated monitors.
Z-Line Belaire Glass Desk


Assembling is moderately easy. Two people and half an hour will be sufficient.





Size: 60″ x 37″ x 24″

Shape: L

Adjust: No

Weight: 96 LBS

KB Tray: Yes

What we like
  • Relatively cheap
  • Stylish looking
  • Impressive functionality
  • Perfect for more than one monitors
What we didn't liked
  • Not very durable
  • Not adjustable

5.IKEA Linnmon Desk

IKEA makes great furniture for those with a strict budget. You can buy a basic four-legged table from them and get good value for your money. While the tables are not specifically meant for gamers, the Linnmon desk is a good option for gamers. The table is available in two sizes, with the larger offering a perfect size for a PC computer. The desk doesn’t have any cable management but you can always buy a separate box or rack to do the job.

gaming desk

Product Dimensions: 59 x 30 x 29 inches

Product Weight: 24.3 pounds

Recommended Mid-Range
 Gaming Desks Under $500

1.Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk Black

Gaming desk Are you looking for a stylish as well as expensive gaming desks that will reflect your personality? Then the Arozzi Arena desk can be your ideal choice.

Why is it different? The texture used is undoubtedly high quality and it comes with the unique style. Besides up to 3 large monitors can be easily placable here. Feel comfort is a must demand for gamers so curved ark let you fit your chair in that position naturally. Another pleasing surprise is a customized mouse pad.

The design concept of the Arozzi desk is simple yet beautiful. It didn’t compromise its stylish look. And weight? 85.5 Ibs is just impressive. So, you will need someone’s help in assembling. Just follow the instruction & within one hour you can assemble your smart gaming desk.

It will look good if you wash it once or twice in a year as its finished is powder coating. To make the desk more hardy best materials used. The desk will last for years as MDF to metal parts it used the best component.

Water resistant thick mouse pad (5mm) covered the entire desk. It is slippery and easily washable. Most gamers would want to increase the height as with legs collapsed it is 27.5 inches. The desk cable management is awesome. In the desk it has 3 cutouts means three holes which will let you hide neatly all cables. All these cutout holes are positioned well and big enough to fulfill your requirements.

Sometimes you may want to use mount monitor arms using these cut-outs which is also possible. To make your game empire more dazzling you can buy the same color Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair. Just spend some hundred bucks will ensure you one of the best gaming desks which the Arozzi Arena ensured.


Product Dimensions: 32.2 x 63 x 31 inches

Product Weight: 85.5 pounds

Colour: Black


What we like
  • Elegant and stylish
  • High-quality material
  • Unique design
  • customized mouse pad
  • Short assembly time
  • Easy washable
  • Long Lasting
What we didn't liked
  • Short Height
  • Expensive


2.The DXRacer Gaming Desk


DXRacer a well-known gaming chair manufacturer very recently launched this exciting Gaming Desk. Die hearted PC Gamers will certainly love it as it is exclusively made for them.

Some nice user-friendly features make it worth to consider in spite of pricey side. It emphasized to your comfort of wrists and arms as the excellent desk surface is sloped at 10 degrees. A wonderful option to prevent aches and pains and carpal tunnel.

The rear of the desk included two cable grommets and two slots. You can manage cables and conceal them nicely using these options. No fear to lose items from rolling off the gaming desk as the raised perimeter prevents it. Durability is it’s another excellent feature.  You can choose from 4 colors like white, black, green and red.


Product Dimensions : 47.30″(l)×31.50″(w)×31.50″(h)

Material: High quality ABS+Wooden desk board+Steel rod frame

3. E-Blue USA Wireless Glowing LED PC Gaming Desk

Glowing cooling fans, glowing sensors nowadays a common presence inside of the computers. But this gaming desk is different. Just with a touch of a button, the desk will glow. Even you can easily control it with a remote.

Naturally, it boasted the first wireless glowing gaming desk in the world. Moreover, it offers a brilliant nice unique design on the surface. This amazing feature will show you the optimal placement of your mouse and keyboard.E-BLUE USA WIRELESS GLOWING LED PC GAMING DESK

Unique functionality and unique design made this gaming desk different than others. On the desk there are many light zones.

This amazing lighting system of LED is superb for any hardcore gamer as it will it will give him a little bit more spice on thrilling games. Large and small these two sizes are available.

Before buying you need to find out carefully the ideal dimension specified here. It has many nice decals on its surface which clearly increased its aesthetic appeal a lot. Designers made this desk to give game lovers an ever exciting gaming experience. On the two sides of the desk, the LED lights are placed. Company’s logo also printed on them. A wireless remote is ready to assist you to control the color of the lights and the speed.

There are three colors available blue, red and purple. From this collection, you can select your favorite light color. A surprising feature is the feet bar. An ideal place to give support and relax your feet when you are busy with your gaming challenging stages. From space shift craft the design is inspired. Naturally, it attracts hardcore gamers and appeals to youngsters.

In order to make it more durable, this wonderful E-Blue Wireless Gaming desk is made of selective medium density fibreboard. To keep your some necessary accessories tidy it offers enough space. Under the desk, there is also enough leg room for feel free movement. E-Blue made a rocky mistake as this gaming desk has no instruction manual. Still, there great friendly customer service will surely make you happy. They respond instantly and will reply you within minutes which is really amazing.

One of their major draws back is damaged parts which reported many customers. On the desk, the dedicated mouse area sometimes doesn’t work well with optical mice. Even for the smooth functioning mouse doesn’t reflect the light. However, as the customer support, guys try to solve your issues you can give a try. For more on Best gaming setup



Product Dimensions: 100 x 81 x 80.3 cm ; 29 Kg

Product Weight: 32 Kg


What we like
  • Unique design on the surface
  • Touch and remote control feature
  • Many functionality
  • Amazing LED lighting system
  • Feet bar to give relax and support feet
  • Durable as made of selective medium density fibreboard
  • Enough space for all gaming materials
What we didn't liked
  • No manual instruction a real surprising drawback
  • Damaged parts reports from many customers in shipping
  • Optimal in some cases do not work properly
  • Mouse sometimes don’t reflect the light


4.Office Star Prado Complete L-Workstation

The Office Star desk is definitely a superb option for those that need a lot of space. It’s an L-shaped desk that will fit multiple displays and its sturdy build allows you to place even the gaming PC on top. It has two cable management grommets making it easy to keep things tidy.

Gaming Desk

Product Dimensions: 30 x 66 x 60 inches

Product Weight: 96 pounds

Shape: L shape

5.Monarch Specialties Hollow-Core Left or Right Facing Desk

Monarch Specialties makes great, sturdy furniture. It’s not the cheapest desk on the list but definitely a worthy contender. The desk has drawers to allow you to store your games and other equipment, which is a plus compared to some of the other desks. It’s not the longest but you can fit two monitors on it with ease.


Product Dimensions: 60 x 47 x 30 inches

Product Weight:72.6 pounds

Recommended High-End Gaming Desks Under $2000


If you are a die hearted gamer king then surely to enjoy & fight back on your dream game, you need a super quality gaming desk. It will give you relief for your all gaming setup and accessories. Selection the perfect gaming desk depends mainly on your preferred setup. PC and a laptop combo, setup of dual monitor, setup of triple monitor (all need different space) or a streaming setup which naturally requires a lot of space.

Some vital factors are also needed sharp consideration. Material quality, desk design, the system of the cable management, the extra room for storage and many more. In this topic, we rated reviewed as well as picked 5 best gaming desk under $2000 just for you .

1.Lian-Li Accessory DK-02X

We mentioned above this is a special desk.  Nearly anything or more that a die hearted gamer like you can imagine is offered by the Lian-Li Case DK-Q2X specifically. This giant features keyboard holders, headphone stands on the side, a drawer lock system on the face of the eye-catching retractable drawer with a front mounted USB 3.0 ports.

In other gaming desks, you will find absence of a unique feature which this computer desk provides. The desk will act like a tower case as it will serve as the body of your computer. Inside this unique computer desk, easily you can install all of your PC hardware. Thanks to the large tempered glass surface, while playing your all favorite video game you can see it.


LIAN-LI ACCESSORY DK-02XFor cable management, unfortunately, it does not feature grommets as it’s a challenging hardcore gaming desk. Still, stand mounts and the back contains monitor clamps served the purpose in a different way. It’s because for all your hardware it serves as a computer case.

The Lian-Li includes a motherboard mounts and a retractable aluminum drawer. In the drawer underneath the table top, cable tubing is installed. The surface completely made of tempered glass with a wildly beautiful smoky finish. It clearly allows to see the LED’s glowing. Your others gaming friends will obviously feel jealous!


Excellent air flow offers by this model.

Three different height settings its another great option. In the corner of the desk a cup holder is ready to serve you. All these fantastic gaming features are just for you!

The Lian-Li is very solid, credit goes to its frame. High-quality aluminum material ensures incredible strength yet an impressive 111 lbs light weight. Assembling is comparatively easy and moveable,

A lot of concentrate gaming features make it overall a unique stylish high-end gaming desk for die hearted gamers.


Size: 39.4 x 27.6 x 32.1 inches

Weight: 111 pounds

Shape: Standard

KB Tray: Yes

Adjust: Yes


What we like
  • Giant tempered glass
  • Unique Design
  • No need a computer case
  • Height adjustable legs
What we didn't liked
  • Not a big working surface
  • Very expensive

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The BDI Sequel Desk 6001 is our second pick. At first sight, it seems average standard computer desk. Its built quality makes the difference and proved it another high-end gaming desk. High end finished furniture can compare with it. Real cherry wood used to make this model. On top of the desk smoky, tempered glass with a black finish made it more classic.

BDI SEQUEL DESK 6001 – NATURAL STAINED CHERRYFingerprints resistant, scratch resistant as the unique black tempered glass work surface is non-glare designed. No mouse pad will require as it is even compatible with optical mouse.

A multifunction system drawer provides the BDI Sequel. It also offers a retractable keyboard drawer with two sections.

A mouse and a gaming keyboard combo supported by a full keyboard tray in first section. Tablet, mobile with charging ports can put the second chamber.

One of the selling points of this desk is the easy access panels’ option. The rear panels made of cherry wood are magnetically locked and can be easily tilted back from the front of the desk. That allows the


The easy access panels option is another noticeable selling points of this desk. Cherry wood used to make the rear panels. The locks are magnetic. Besides from the front of the desk they can be easily titled back.

Its a quite large desk. Wide 60” tall 29” and deep 60” enough for one giant monitor, dual or even for triple. This C-shaped desk body give relief about leg room.

From all aspect, this is an elegant yet simple gaming desk that includes some awesome gaming features. Lack of any extra storage options is it’s a drawback.

This desk might not be the best gaming desk option for you if you are a born gamer who have a lot of gaming accessories.

Users to safely run their cables through the desk without exposing them. Giving an elegant and sophisticated look.


Size: 60 x 24 x 29

Weight: 120 pounds

Shape: Standard

Adjust: no

KB Tray: Yes


What we like
  • Elegant Design
  • Quality material
  • Micro-etched Glass Top
  • Cable management system
What we didn't liked
  • Working surface is not very deep
  • No extra storage




If you searching something different high-end gaming desk for your office then the clear answer is The Sauder Office Heritage Hill. It’s elegant, sophisticated and U-shaped. A crazy store of workspace maximum time offered by the u-shaped gaming desk. An ideal solution for your gaming accessories, electronic devices or office supplies.



The hutch and the U-shaped desk includes this set. An excellent wear-resistant laminate surface with high quality cherry wood used in both item. It offers a lot of space as the hutch is gigantic. For extra gaming gear or storing office supplies



Another great feature of The Sauder office desk is storage drawers.

Safety stops with metal runners ensures their smooth roll. If you want to store office supplies or important documents it is just perfect.

A standard size keyboard tray and a pin board for family photos or notes underneath the hutch made this model awesome.

The fully reversible feature is one of the key selling points of this desk. Just remember you will need bigger space for this professional high-end gaming desk.

Any gaming setup of your imagination is supportable with this high-end computer desk. Huge working space it’s another eye-catching feature.

It easily supports Multiple pcs, multiples gaming monitors and your all other important gaming accessories.

For gaming or working this desk offers the best solution for bigger space.

Assembling time will take a very long time with others help.

It includes a gigantic storage space. Four windowed doors also attached here.


Size: 106 x 70 x 29 inches

Weight: 570 pounds

Shape: U-Shape

KB Tray: Yes

Adjust: No


What we like
  • 9-Year Guarantee
  • Sophisticated design
  • Can support most gaming setup
  • Extra storage room
What we didn't liked
  • Super heavy
  • A lot of free room will be needed
  • You will need to ask for help


Now the Up desk: Black 3-stage Gaming Desk.You may wonder at first sight why it is costly as it is a simple desk. This desk is not ordinary. It is an electric adjustable desk.

In majority work offices Standing desks are quite popular regarding health issue. In the future it will win surely the heart of gaming community as they are now more conscious than before.  Durable 1.25” high-pressure laminate high-quality wood used to built this desk. Cable management channels are also very effective.
UPDESK: BLACK 3-STAGE LARGE 72.”Finally, if you want to adjust the height of the desk this is not a standard desk.  If your choice is a simple high-end gaming desk with some unique features than it can be ideal for you. Remember, this desk does not offer extra storage room.



The straightforward electric button, programmable height range, each legs own motor just make the gaming desk totally perfect.

Great dimensions of this desk prefer your own taste. Its so vast surface can support from dual to triple monitors including your gaming accessories required extra room. Sadly, this monster high-end desk provide no extra storage room.

For proper cable management it does not include grommets. Yet in the back of this desk cable management channels are placed.

Its assembling is quite easy and possible within a few minutes.


Size: 72 x 30/ Height 24.5 to 50.5

Adjust: Yes

Weight: Between 100-150 pounds

KB Tray: No

Weight: 100-150 pounds


What we like
  • Effective design
  • Simple
  • Electronic height adjustment
  • Very easy assembling
  • 300 lb lifting capacity
What we didn't liked
  • No extra storage room
  • No cable management


Gaming Desk Buyer’s Guide Part I: How to Choose Ideal Desk?

When you have decided to buy gaming desk, it doesn’t always a painful and drawn-out process. It’s an easy process when you have the proper guide that facilitates your buying. Here is a list of considerations that you should look at before buying your new gaming desk:

Gaming desk material is the ultimate thing that has the greatest impact on its price. The last price of the product largely depends on the materials by which desk is made. Most gaming desk building materials are PVC & Steel, Wood, and Glass.
PVC & Steel: In general, best gaming desk material PVC is supported by a solid steel frame. It benefits are lightweight and high portability. This type of desk is ideal for college students or who has to move many times.
Generally, as wood desks are made of oak, maple, or pine. All of them are having rugged physical strength. Many users who are looking for a traditional look, buy this gaming desk. Its’ drawback is that it is too heavy.
These type of gaming desks have very elegant looking. With exemplified modern style, these desks are supported by a steel frame. But, its’ drawbacks are fingerprint magnets. Also, it can be easily broken or damaged than other materials.
To choose the best gaming desk design you’ll have to ask for how many monitors you require space? Or, do you require any VESA mount setup? In general, the larger desk will be the ultimate standard. Do you require wired or wireless working area?

If you can choose assistive cable management systems to conceal wired area or other associated power cords. Then, the place where will you locate your gaming rig is important. For selecting the best design you need to find these questions answers to make the last decision.

This is not an issue for everyone, hence you can place it within your approximate range. You don’t need to be worried about the dimension if you’ve got a fair large space. However, it is always better move to take a tape measurement of your place and make a precise idea of placing the desk.
Cable Management
It’s always a difficult problem for many gamers. When you have setup an extra complex multi-system, cable conundrum occurs. If you can manage cables in an efficient way, your chaotic place will look clean and coordinated. To manage your cables use plastic grommet desk and rubber. Look for the desk which has a place to put the power bar.
You should take consideration of Ergonomics if you are a user of the heavy computer. This case happens for them who do the office work along with the gaming setup. If you have the flexible chair and desk combo, your body and posture will be in perfect shape. Not having the distraction of pain, you can enjoy your gaming experience.

Moreover, if you buy the right height desk, it will help you to prevent the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. Most of the office workers and gamers suffer from the condition. This isn’t a minor case; many pro-gamers have been sidelined for this condition.

More Space

As larger space a gamer gets, it becomes a big asset for them. But it is not required to have a giant real estate space. But compared to other users of PC, a gamer requires more space to stay organized. Also, it helps them to have all the important stuff at a short distance. In turn, all facilitate a gamer to concentrate on gaming.


It will not be a proper choice if you buy a flimsy desk. Sometimes it can discomfort you and reduce your gaming efficiency. It’s always a perfect to buy a well-designed desk. A lucrative desk style with the right look has extra benefits. It can also satisfy other family members.


Gaming Desk Buyer’s Guide Part II: Types of Gaming Desks

Gaming Desks come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. I suggest you go through all types of desk, thus you can find the best option that you are looking for.

Traditional or Executive Gaming Desks

Executive desk has the shape of a rectangle. This type of desks is designed specifically for office set-up. It involves a computer while managing other business-oriented niches. It also comes with large drawers, space for books, office phone, and so on. You can place this desk just snug it against the wall and use it for houses limited functions. With great cord management and modern designs, this prompt to make clean working space.

  • Elegant and modern designs
  • Small footprint
  • Easy to place in room
  • Not good for setup multi monitors
  • Not too much space

L-Shaped or Corner Gaming Desks

This desk has an open side that helps to create more gaming area. As the L-shape has an accurate 90-degree angle, it fits into a corner of the room easily. It can be put in a corner without any extension and maximize room footprint. It is a great asset for a room in constricted size. These type desks have a space below desktop computer. This under-carriage feature is great for making an eye-sore desktop case.


  • More equipment for gamers
  • Have drawers for PC towers
  • Maximize space
  • Space-efficient surface area
  • No great side extensions
  • Don’t have built-in storage

U-Shaped Gaming Desks

The average U-Shape desk has a large amount of space and commonly found in an office cubicle. It is suitable for multi-monitor streaming PC set-ups. It encompasses space for a Wacom tablet, monitor, and much more. But it has one downside of its size and shape that it can’t be setup in a small room.


  • Largest amount of space
  • Great for multiple monitors
  • Useful for a workstation or small office
  • Wonderful use for digital artist or video editor
  • Huge footprint
  • Inconvenient shape for small rooms

Standing Gaming Desks

Those who are health conscious, this is a good option for them. It comes in two forms. Such as automatic adjustable with a motor and a manual desk. It comes with many unique accessory features such as attach cord management solutions. It also has a surge protector and an undercarriage for a tower case. For high-quality desk setup and ergonomics design, UPLIFT is the most brand.
However, some may think standing is the antithesis of gaming, but in reality it is not. Standing is a fun also an engaging approach for gaming. Though it feels awkward on primary stage, it has much health benefits.


  • Great health benefits
  • Flexibility in movement
  • Convertible desk height
  • Neat accessories
  • Costly especially the Automatic one
  • Equipment can break
  • Pay extra for fancy style

Gaming Desk Buyer’s Guide Part: III Gaming Desk FAQ.What brands are reputable?

Bush Furniture
Those who are wanting high-quality gaming desk, Bush Furniture is the right choice for them. These type of desks is so strong that it can last a decade and survive hard wear and tear. There are great gaming-desk friendly products are selling for years in the market by this excellent company. Many more products are available by Bush that you can buy.
Uplift Desks
Understanding the gamers base requirements, this company offers the specially designed gaming desk. They have promoted several eSports teams. This company offers the most convenient design of standing desks. And it offers in-desk power along with numerous design preferable. Therefore, you don’t need to expect drawers or traditional desk other than standing one from this company. Because these standing desks are alike table gaming desk design.
This high-end gaming desk company provides more polished design desk. It caters the customer who has money. Because all their focus is the quality of the product. Custom fitting to make monitors convenient to float. This brand also offers easy electronic positioning. You can choose this brand for extreme gaming or use this as your workstation. It specializes 250 adjustable height settings. And built-in sound systems.
This brand is primarily an Etsy provider. They make custom floating desks with the best quality materials. Their finishing products are classy and modern looking. If you want to have a unique gaming desk, then you can buy this brand. It supports the monitor, console, steambox, and much more. Though they offer sweet options in some products but they don’t have much variety. But the quality of products is supreme.


As an evergreen gamer, you always want the best. To play your all loving game you need a superb gaming desk which will satisfy your all smart demand. Here we pick lucky 7 best tips for you which you can consider before buying.

7 Things You Need to Know for gaming desk

How to Choose the Ideal Gaming Desk for You, Before buying a gaming desk you should consider some important factors. Let’s see.



Your number of monitors need to know. Are they bigger? Then for you, a larger desk will be ideal. Wireless or wired peripherals are also an important point. Power cords to wire you need a user-friendly cable management systems which will cover the arena properly. Location of your gaming rig on the desk or the floor is also noticeable.

Before taking any final decision on your brand new gaming desk these basic questions you should examine first & find out the right answer.


Price, quality mainly depends on materials. Glass, wood, steel, PVC all have the different aspect. If you are looking for something elegant with unique classic style then the glass is best for you. Steel frame usually supports such impressive glass desks. Modern in style and undoubtedly complete elegant looking. Drawbacks? Price and fragility.

Pine, maple, oak are basically used in wooden desks. They are usually very strong, heavy and durable. The traditional look makes them many individuals first choice. Dislike thing is that they are too heavy.

Steel & PVC walk together. Usually, a solid steel frame supports PVC tabletops. Portable & lightweight character attract people who frequently move or college students.


3.Assemble time:

For gamers time is money. So most manufacturers try their best to minimize parts, manuals improvement, & reduce setting time as much as possible for home or office. If you don’t love to spend much time at this stage you may search for smaller size.


4 Health:

Human factors engineering is a serious issue. People who used to spend hours on their pc from office to home from work to gaming, need to consider it more deeply. Body and posture need to test to avoid back pain aches on hands and arms. It will help you to focus on gaming with more concentration. Suitable height is also needed to consider seriously to avoid all nastier conditions for carpal tunnel from gamers to office-workers.



You have to examine all accessibility for your mice, keyboards, shelves, computer towers. Little drawers and shelves usually give pain to proper placement.


6.Cable Management:

One of the most disturbing issues for gamers around the world. It increases the hassle when you have complex multisystem gaming set up. To find the art the gaming Desk Company offers you to manage cables and the power bar. You need to think are they helpful enough to organize and clean your all cables.



Last but not the least is a budget issue. You know the more money the more honey. Fixed your dream and budget in a parallel way. Have a most exciting, thrilling gaming experience!
For the PC and Console Gamers, we have reviewed these shortlisted best gaming desks. Through our comprehensive presentation, we compared of each & then let’s go to the factors. This mission is to consider deeply before taking decision for your home which will be the best.


Wrap Up

Above all discussions, we discover a beautiful thing. It is in fact preference which ultimately decides the choice of gaming desk. We discussed top ten according to our best effort but it’s you who is the main judge to give the final verdict. Follow our buying guide will assist you more or less. As a die hearted gamer, if you search for a standard gaming desk for your ever exciting gaming setup the real truth is it’s your life, it’s your choice.

Our analysis showed best gaming desks within different Budget. But yet we believe every gamer is different and so does their choice. It is (decision) mainly depend on specification, feature & unique design that you think will carry the best value of your choice.

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