There was a time when any old PC was good enough to play games on, mostly because the games on offer were the likes of Solitaire, Rollercoaster Tycoon and Theme Hospital. These days, things are different as gaming-centric PCs have become more popular, as well as bulkier and more expensive such as  Best eSports Laptops.

This is most likely due to the fact that gaming has become a much larger part of our culture, especially with the introduction of eSports which is slowly but surely changing everything we know about entertainment.

Gaming Gear: 3 Best eSports Laptops for Gamers in 2020

Why Gamers Should Consider a Gaming Laptop

Over the last decade, eSports has taken the world by storm encouraging more companies than ever to create a wide range of gaming machines. Professional gamers now meet up regularly at huge tournaments hosted by some of the world’s best venues, watched by millions and sponsored by massive companies. It has become so mainstream that you can now even place wagers and bet on eSports with bookmakers such as Mr Green, just like you can with more traditional sports like football, rugby and basketball. If that doesn’t make eSports legit, we don’t know what does.
So, what does this mean for gaming machines? Well, for one desktops are now bulkier than ever before and also less than portable. This is why many companies are now creating gaming laptops, perfect for any eSports pro who wants to play on the go without having to cart around a huge tower. Today, we’re looking at some of the best gaming laptops available on the market, so you can see what brands have to offer.

Aorus X5

Although the brand may not be well-known in non-gamer circles, Aorus offers some of the world’s best gaming laptops each packed full of features. The Aorus X5 handles any 1080p gaming with ease, an incredible feat of engineering considering it’s a simple 15.6-inch notebook. It packs an OP Core i7 8850H chipset, 16GB of DDR4 memory and GTX 1070 graphics, so you know it can handle almost anything. Meanwhile, the CPU can run at either 2.6GHz, which is the standard setting, or 4.3GHz if you really want to get the most out of the newest releases with their incredible graphics and even zero pause.

The keyboard is also pretty neat, especially if you’re a gamer who appreciates a good light show and cleverly mapped control schemes. The only downsides to the Aorus X5 are that despite its incredible graphical capabilities, it can’t run 4K or GTX 1080 GPU – something the company will hopefully adapt in future releases.

Asus ROG G703

If you’re someone who prefers a robust gaming laptop with zero compromises, the Asus ROG G703 has you covered. As of May 2018, it is the newest offering from Asus and seems to favour graphical capabilities over anything in its design.

It’s so bulky that it almost blurs the line between laptop and desktop, but its all in the name of performance. The ROG G703 has a massive, full-sized keyboard that outshines any of its competitors, as well as plenty of ports and a shockingly quiet, smooth cooling system. It packs a 144Hz G-Sync 17 inch screen, huge amounts of storage and more power than you can shake a mouse at.

Alas, all of this means the system weighs a whopping 4.8kg – so we recommend this is something you consider before making your purchase; especially since it is also quite expensive.

Alienware 13

Finally, we have one of the best gaming laptops ever created, and one that many eSports players continue to use: Alienware 13.

First of all, it packs an OLED display ensuring that it has the best screen of all the laptops we’ve listed. The machine’s performance also stands out, with a quad-core Intel Core i7-7700HQ chip that is perfect for gaming as well as video editing – something most eSports professionals and many gamers will be interested in. Plus the GTX 1060 graphics hardware can support modern triple-A releases with ease, even in full HD.


However, if you want to save on costs you can downgrade to a GTX 1050 Ti.
Really, the only downside to this machine is that it weighs 2.8kg, but compared to some of its rivals like the Asus ROG G703 and the Acer Predator 17 (which comes in at 3.5kg), it’s not so bad.

Wrap up

Which of these eSports monster machines would you pick, or have you already found the perfect gaming laptop? Make sure to let us know in the comments below.