11 Best ergonomic gaming chair of 2017: Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

best Gaming chair

Sitting in the office for eight hours in a day is not as easy as it looks. You can easily change the fact buying a ergonomic & comfortable chair. There is no shortage of evidence that when you are stuck in a chair for too long it increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and worsen back pain. Some says that it’s worse than smoking. On other hand for gamer it is more problem and risk to their health and body as well. Using a gaming chair cannot be neglected, it’s more important than you think it is. To satisfy your gaming need and also to enjoy your game with full satisfaction you need to have a good gaming chair. Without a comfortable gaming chair you cannot even dream of having a good gaming experience. If we perform the same task over and over again we will be suffering from musculature disorders. But if you use ergonomic gaming chair for your gaming purpose you can prevent this type’s disorder.

It is really important to the gamer having a ergonomics gaming chair. They will support and protect you from this numerous problems.

  • Height control:  It has a Standard function almost for all office chairs.
  • Armrest Height Control : It not only gives you height control but also it gives you comfort to the arms by using the function of arms control.
  • Tension Control: It gives you a backrest and help you to remove tension or loose stiffen. It increases you capability of taking pressure of work.
  • Backrest Lock: In addition to control the tension these types of chair will allow you to lock the backrest in one place.
  • Seat Pan Slider: In order to give you back rest this types of chairs allows you to slide you seat forward or backward


Comparing these features top ergonomic chairs of 2017 is given below.



The AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair is the most cheapest and best chair for the low budget gamer. These types of chair are Amazons first private level furniture items that was sold by them. It has some ergonomic features like pneumatic seat and backrest control.You can simply adjust the sit high or low not only that you can also customize the backrest. It has a well made dual wheel caster and the smooth back contour provides an acceptable level of satisfaction.



  • Low price
  • Extraordinary quality for the price
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Easily moveable


  • Not best for tall users
  • Tilting action can be finicky
  • Just one color available




As you know like all models of carbon class chairs, Nitro Concept C80 motion gaming chair is a high quality of gaming chair for the gamer.It has valuable and also comfortable leather covering body that makes it more attractive and excellent option for buying.

Nitro Concepts C80 Motion gaming chair - Copy


  • 100% vegan PU faux leather cover
  • The Rear of the backrest with carbon look
  • Comfortable cold foam upholstery
  • Folding Armrests with soft cushioning
  • Safety class 4 gas lift
  • It comes with Top-notch rocking mechanism (up to 15°)
  • It offers you 50 mm casters with colored accent


3. Herman Miller Aeron

In our next list we have Herman Miller Aeron. It comes with three version. It is known as one of the best gaming chair of 2017 for it’s extremely comfortable sit. It is one of the top contender among gaming chairs in market. It’s really comfortable to sit and gives you full support if you have a lower back pain. My personal opinion is that if you are capable to spend $500 on a gaming chair and if you are a gaming freak than Herman Miller Aeron can be your best option to go with. To the professionals and international companies they consider it one of the best gaming chair in the market.Also Check best console gaming chair  

Herman Miller Aeron



  • Can be bought in different sizes and models
  • When you are sitting in front of computer it will give you full support of comfort
  • Great lumbar support


  • Very expensive
  • The lean controls are not properly designed


Steelcase chairs are one of those rare category chairs that has ultra – comfort-ability and has a ultra-pricey gesture.Corporate prestige is well maintained by this brand. It has a densely packed foam cushions that are very comfortable, specially for those gamer who want to stay cool during their intensive game play.This company have done research over 1000 of people to determine human postures, their needs not only that they have designed it to give your body backrest. Mechanism of these chair is to mutually balance your movement while your flexing and also to give you full support during your intensive game play.


Steelcase Gesture


  • Swiveling-arm design is the finest available
  • The system of synchronizing supports obviates the need for manual adjustment
  • Ultra-high-end gloss and build quality in a fully-assembled chair


  • Ultra-expensive
  • Lacks an adaptable lumbar-supporting mechanism
  • Its angular look may turn off some people



The Arozzi Monza comes with a stylish & racing taste look.Not only that it comes with High quality , thinner padding on the arm rests. It supports your body from the base of your seat and also it gives you back support to the highest level of comfort. The Arozzi Monza has an ergonomic design,so it will give you a best gaming experience and satisfaction. Its allows you to sit and play for hours without experiencing any kind of back pain or fatigue. It comes with pure leather coat that allows you easy to clean and also makes it more comfortable.

Arozzi Monza Series Gaming Chair - Copy


  • Very stylish looking chair
  • Generous amount of padding
  • They are compared with DX Racer chairs


  • Height adjustment units are hard to assemble
  • Cannot adjust armrests of Enzo Series
  • Must buy more expensive Torretta Series for backrest and neck pillows


Lexmod’s Veer office chair is sold for hundred dollars.It has a breathable features including mesh cushioning. It gives you full support if you tend to feel the heat in the middle of your intense gaming. Its waterfall style seat gives you relax on the legs and it also have a adjustable armrest although there is no tilting feature. These model comes with nine colors depending on your taste you can choose any color .This gaming chair is one of the best option to the console gamer.



  • Good value for the money
  • Breathable backrests
  • Nine themed colors


  • Non-tilting backrest
  • Stiff adjustment lever
  • Cushioning is a bit thin




Flash’s Mid back Mesh Chair with tipple Paddle Controls is one of the best price gaming chair in the market. It comes with effective ergonomic features . It has a really flexible design and many adjustable option for the pro level gamer. It keeps your gaming time cool and relaxed for a long time and gives you full support of comfort not only that it allows you to enjoy the game with full satisfaction. This company also offers you different models with different materials and features depending on your choice and taste.



  • Good one-size-fits-all design
  • Many ergonomic adjustments
  • Large paddle controls allow for easy adjustments
  • Dense seat cushions, a variety of theme colors


  • Challenging assembly with hard-to-attach wheel sets
  • Backrest materials are not too comfy
  • Tall armrests may not fit under many tables



The Giantex Executive Racing Style Chair comes with excellent style comfort comparing to the price ratio. This chair comes with four different colors.It has some build in quality that will force you to go over DX racer.
Giantex Gaming chair


  • Sharp racing stripes design
  • Can be reclined up to 150 degrees
  • Head rest pillow and lumbar cushion


  • Plastic wheelbase
  • Padding feels firm and stiff
  • Chemical smell lasts a while



DXRacer‘s gaming Chair is one of the best and favorite ergonomic gaming chair to the gamer.it has a good ergonomic features and comes with a strong stylish look,several colors. It goes with sporty looks and themes. They have various models containing different clothing and vinyl versions also. Not only that they provide a breathable racing seat material that gives you a full satisfaction and allows you to enjoy your intensive gaming moments. These chairs are one of favorite choice among the European fans. For the mid range end spectrum it is one of the best gaming chair to choose. They provide well regarded quality and attractive look.It made them respectable brand in the gaming world.



  • Amazingly stylish designs, materials, and build quality
  • Unique sizing and styling options, armrest and backrest parts which fit many sizes
  • Terrific reclining mechanism


  • Pricey
  • May feel a bit stiff when brand new
  • Heavy weight



AK Racing seats offer stylish eSport looks alongside well-considered ergonomics. 
Boring office chairs are the last thing any gaming enthusiast wants. It has the same style chair that professional gamers use in tournaments around the world. Perfect for office workers and gamers, AK Racing seats are a high quality and exciting solution to the various health disorders resulting from bad posture.

AK Racing Gaming chair




  • Comfortable
  • Price not too high
  • Stylish look


  • Set up is little bit difficult


Office Star‘s Professional Air-Grid Back leather chair are built for office setting including sets of industrial-grade wheels. It comes with adjustable -elevation arms with soft padding and tilting mechanism features that makes it exceptional from other gaming or office use chair. It’s carefully designed for healthier sitting position. Seat’s of these chair are upholstered in leather which gives a comfortable and breathable to use. Moreover they sale this model at a very reasonable price.





  • Leather cushions are pleasingly soft
  • Good construction and simple adjustability
  • Solid backrest gives good support


  • Backrest could be too stiff for certain users
  • Armrest design is of lightweight construction
  • Mesh-like materials tend to get worn somewhat quickly



If you are a pro level gamer or a game lover it should be your prime concern for a right gaming chair. When you’re gaming for hours and hours your body needs to switch at different seating postures not only that you chair need to respond in tandem to your body movements.It is only possible if you have a ergonomic design chair and a range of adjustment.It will also make your gaming or work life more comfortable and easy. So it is the best option going for a ergonomic chair indeed.

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