Bingo games were extremely popular and vastly downloaded last year, which is why we felt urged to make an article that will inform you on the best Android bingo games for 2020. The popularity that these games bring comes as no surprise because mobile and online gambling has reached a spike in its popularity in the last few years.

The love for bingo has been present for decades and it’s no secret that people of all ages were playing it. That love was taken to a higher level after people started using smartphones, which made it possible for them to download these types of games and enjoy them at any time and place. The biggest excitement came with online bingo sites like Vics Bingo. Each player has a chance to be rewarded handsomely at these sites, and to make things even better, they are subject to frequent promotions and bonuses to keep them entertained.

The good thing about Android bingo games is that they are completely free to play. They have tons of surprises that are combined with excellent gameplay and top-notch graphics. We know that millions of people are searching for a good bingo game on Play Store at the moment, which is why we wanted to spare you some time and unveil our list of best Android bingo games for 2020. 

The Best Android Bingo Game of 2020 – Bingo Bash

The editor’s top pick for this section is Bingo Bash. This game continues to be the world’s most popular bingo game. As of January, over 600,000 people have downloaded Bingo Bash. It offers free-to-play online bingo games and has numerous bingo Rooms to choose from. To make things even better, Bingo Bash even has free slots.

Big Spin Bingo

Big Spin Bingo offers over 15 Rooms to play in, daily bonuses which will keep you playing for free, collectable items, and most importantly – live games against other players around the world. This game is intended for people older than 21 and it is a pure definition of excitement and friendly competition.

Bingo Showdown

Finally, our third pick on the list of best Android bingo games for 2020 is Bingo Showdown. If you are a fan of multiplayer gaming, big bonuses, and crazy bingo power-ups, then this is the perfect bingo game for you. It is free for download and you can play it with or without an Internet connection and enjoy numerous daily bonuses and exciting mini-games.