Age of Empires: Definitive Edition Release Date, Price,platforms & SYSTEM REQUIREMENT

Age of Empires: Definitive

Now Age of Empire will be available in 4K resolution. They are improving its performance as well as the graphics work of these game.This year Age of empire is turning to 20. and Microsoft know how to celebrate this occasion as they are releasing it again in a 4K resolution.


It was first announced in E3 2017. And it is named as Definitive edition because Definitive Edition is like a full remaster of 1997 original copy.They have used the real time strategy and also improved visuals,soundtrack. They tried to fix all the bugs and a host of other modern enhancement. We will try to update you with all the resource we can gather.


History of these game

The first release of this game was in 1997 as a real time strategy game.It was developed by Ensemble Studios. That time players had to guide their troops through the stone age to the classical period. Following it in 1999 they have released Age of Empire II , taking the action to the middle age.Then in 2005 they have released Age of Empire III focusing on the colonial period and new game mechanics.These series continued and now in 2017 they they are releasing Age of Empire -Definitive Edition in there 20th anniversary.


In summary: ( Age of Empire: Definite Edition )

  1. Releasing date is 19 october ,2017
  2. Available OS: Windows
  3. Forgotten Empires developed this game
  4. Price is around £14.99/$19.99
  5. Pre-order is available for these game .


Releasing date of this game ?

This game is going to be released in the market October 19, 2017 or  you can say that its coming out just in time.Because it 20th anniversary will be just knocking at the door. As the old version of this game were released in October 1997. For you knowledge this game is only coming out for PC only.



Is the pre-order process available for this game?

Good news.Yes , you can pre-order these game now.Microsoft is very much sensible for their users. they know that you will not spend full price for a 20 years old game ,will you? so they have announced the price of this game and its only £14.99/$19.99. This is not the end , you can pre-order it from directly windows store.


How will you join the beta ?

So if you are lucky you don’t need to wait for a month to play these game. There is a closed beta running for the game as part of the Age of Empires Insider Program. This can be signed up from the game’s official site. These will also enable you to receive the latest update and news of these game. And it will give you the potential access to the beta version of these game.



So What are the main key features of these game ?

So what is so exceptional about Definitive Edition that is not available in old version.

  • The biggest change is in the visual of these game is they have provided it a 4K resolution.That means it will be more sharper than ever before.
  • Re-recording the whole score,re-orchestrating Empires is also a major change in these game.
  • Modernized UI and a fixing host of gameplay bugs is also added in the latest update of this game
  • Online multiplayer support is available now through Xbox Live.
  • This game is now included with Rise of Rome expansion pack , giving players a total of 16 civilizations to play as and 10 campaigns.
  • A new feature has added in these version.Now you can use the zoom setting with will help you to see far more units in combat at once.


System Requirement

Minimum Requirement 

Processor : Pentium 4.1.3 GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce 6200
VRAM: 256 MB
RAM : 1 GB
OS: Win XP 32
HDD Space: 2 GB

Recommended Requirement
Processor: Celeron E1200 Dual-Core 1.6 GHz
Graphics Card: GeForce 6600 GT
VRAM: 128 MB
OS: Win Vista 32

In-spite of some minor changes these game is nothing revolutionary.We can say that the main selling point will simply be an easy way to buy a version of Age of Empire that runs smoothly on windows 10 and it looks a bit prettier in the process.You will be amazed to know that Microsoft is delivering to give the exact same treatment to Age of Empire 2 and 3 and there are plenty more on the way.

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