This $4000 Razer Gaming Laptop comes with GTX1080 and 100% ARGB


If you like to move around a lot and while doing so, don’t want to miss the gaming, however, your few thousand-dollar worth gaming desktop PC weights around 10 Kgs which is a very unlikely weight to carry around on your back. To help you with this problem, Razer has brought a gaming laptop that can toe to toe with your desktop PC and in some cases, perform better.

The New Razer Blade Pro gaming laptop is that much powerful that one would consider it to be a portable desktop PC. With 17.3” THX Certified 4K Multitouch display, Razer brings to you an around $4000 laptop. So, with such a massive price tag, what does this laptop has to offer? Let’s start from the outside.

As mentioned before, it has THX certified 4K UHD multitouch display with G-Sync which allow one to experience everything with clarity and sharpness, and why wouldn’t you, after all this is the world’s first THX certified laptop which means it will surely provide an immersive audio and visual experience unlike you have seen before in any other laptop.
THX Mode

The display panel provides high end resolution, color accuracy, and smooth video playback. Collaborating closely with THX, the developers have ensured consistent image quality across the screen to ensure the delivery of unrivaled viewing experience.

The picture-perfect quality of the screen comes with 100% Adobe RGB color space coverage. This enables the laptop to provide bright and clearly visible image with a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees.

Moreover, there is the audio. Unlike the traditional laptops, this has its speakers on the side. Razer engineers put a lot of power in it too to get the THX certification. Tested for undistorted audio output capability and the ability to drive a high-performance headset and speakers, the audios system of this laptop has great frequency response, least distortion, signal to noise and crosstalk control. This enables the laptop to give an audiophile-quality performance.

Before going to the keyboard lets shortly point out the ports and plug-ins it has on the sides. Starting with one on the left and two on the right USB 3.0 connectors, HDMI 2.0, SD Card reader, Thunderbolt 3, Kensington Lock, Audio/Mic Jack, Lan Port and finally the Power

Not only it is the World’s first THX Certified laptop but also it has World’s First Ultra-Low-Profile Mechanical Keyboard. That’s right, mechanical keyboard in a laptop. This will surely bring desktop grade experience to the user. On top of that, the individually customizable keys comes with 16.8 million color options with Razer Chroma Lighting, leaving the player with endless possibility for customizing there RGB keyboard lighting.
Furthermore, this is a VR compatible hardware. You can experience next-gen VR with the lowest latency and highest performance with plug-&-play compatibility which is exceptional for a laptop. In other words, you can move with your VR hardware without complications.
To conclude the outside, we have to mention the power brick. However, 250W power adapter is astonishing. It has the very small footprint and yet can support such a beast. The sleek, slim and durable power brick can be the perfect travel companion.

Now, what’s inside of this beast? Surely, with such a price tag it has some high-end hardware inside and to make it true, it has Overclocked Quad-Core 7th Gen Intel Core i7 7820HK processor supporting Hyper-Threading of 2.9GHz / 3.9GHz / 4.3GHz (Base/Turbo/Overclock).



It also has a 32GB dual-channel DDR4 memory clocked at 2667 MHz. The graphics is not the regular laptop version card which you will found in most laptops. It has NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 VR ready graphics, and that is not the 1080M version, it’s the actual card that you install in your desktop.


This NVIDIA Pascal architecture GPU has 8GB graphics memory, including, 3x the performance and power efficiency of previous-gen GPUs, which supports 4K gaming on the 17.3” screen of the laptop. Finally, for storage it can provide up to 2TB dual PCIe SSDs configured in RAID 0. Options of 512GB, 1TB and 2TB are available to purchase.


So much power in such a small space will surely require a very good cooling system. To tame the beast inside Razer has made cutting edge thermal design which includes a vapor chamber technology that spreads the heat quickly, efficiently and evenly. The design allows air movement through the chassis to avoid hot spots and deliver a cool and comfortable experience.

If you are into music production, game developing, editing photos and videos, creating 3D printable objects, then the Razer Blade Pro laptop can be your ultimate companion while you roam around from place to place. In addition, the laptop comes with the FL Studio 12 for free which will surely aid the user with his creativity in music production.


Before giving the conclusion let’s have a user review from one of the great youtubers, Lewis Hilsenteger. He reviewed the laptop in his channel Unbox Therapy.

In his review, he pointed out the specs which is high-end, the THX certified display and audio, the slick and slim, easily portable power brick, mechanical keyboard and the RGB lighting system. He also pointed out that it has the 100% Adobe RGB display that is very rare in laptops and it can be a popular choice for music producers and FL studio users (with the fact that it comes with a free copy of it). Overall, the portability of this laptop which a desktop inside, what makes it unique and worth buying if you are up for it.

In conclusion, it is possible to buy a better and more powerful Desktop PC in that price, however, if you are a personal who travel a lot and like to take your gaming and work with you, then there is no better option in the market. In other words, it is the thinnest desktop replacement one can have, as its official website puts it, “Ultimate Portable Powerhouse”.
If you want more information, you can visit the official website linked here.Most of the contents of this article were derived from the official website.